Rules of Engagement and The New Normal return to Eleven

Rules of Engagement  and The New Normal return to Eleven

Two of Ten’s shows that just got the chop in the US will play out their final episodes on eleven from next week.

The David Spade comedy Rules of Engagement will kick off it’s seventh and final season on Tuesday nights. The series will end after 13 episodes.


Liz sublets her apartment above the Binghams, which delights Jeff until he learns that she needs a
place to stay for a few weeks and Audrey lets Liz move in.Initially uncomfortable with the situation, Jeff changes his tune after Liz constantly harps on at Audrey to treat her man better.

Adam and Timmy become overly competitive when a ping-pong table is installed in the company’s break room, and Jennifer is having recurring sex dreams about Russell

7:30 PM Tuesdays on Eleven

The New Normal will follow at 8:00 PM with the rest of its first season it returns with episode 9 Pardon Me

The crew assembles at Bryan and David’s for a “potting party,” planting bulbs for the spring. They talk about their prospective Thanksgiving plans, and rehash their celebrations of the years gone by.

Bryan and David usually spend the holiday alone, sipping on cranberry flavoured vodka at a remote
Rocky’s Thanksgiving memories consist of her family insisting her outlandish dreams of moving to Los Angeles were unreasonable. All Goldie’s ever known is Nana stuffing meat down everyone’s throats while Clay’s mother continually highlights her shortcomings. The guys decide it’s time for a new tradition, how about a girls and gays Thanksgiving. Just Bryan, David, Shania, Goldie and Rocky, celebrating the holiday without all that family baggage.

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