The Block kicks off

The Block kicks off

The Block is back in Melbourne in the suburb of Hampton East, and we have five new couples across Australia who are about to have the adventure of a lifetime.

A new judge will be joining The Block this year. Real Estate guru Marty Fox will step in for Neale Whitaker, after Neale decided to take a step back from The Block to spend more time at home as his partner David hasn’t been well. Shaynna and Darren will judge every week.

Scotty is back and he introduces our new Blockheads:

Sisters Eliza and Liberty from Victoria.

Married couple Leah and Ash from Queensland,  who have three kids.

Married couple Kyle and Leslie from Western Australia, who have two kids.

Kristy and Brett, married couple from South Australia, and,

Childhood sweethearts Steph and Gian, married couple Steph and Gian from New South Wales.

Scotty shows the Blockheads the renders for the five houses in Charming St, in a first for The Block.

Our couples look on in amazement at the renders, and also wonder how they are going to build such houses in just three months.

Our five couples head to Charming St to check out the 1950s post war houses that will be transformed into incredible world class homes.

They are all set with a House Decider challenge to decide what house they will get. In just 48 hours they have to create a kids room, based on a Disney+ character.  They all meet their builders for the first time. This year in another first, all the builders are fresh and new and none of them have worked on The Block before.

Our cntestants soon realise The Block isn’t child play, as they wake up and face their first full day on The Block.

In the next 48 hours they undergo the usual first week challenges that come with being on The Block.  They struggle with the $5000 budget. Making shopping decisions quickly. Also managing trades and their builders all new skills they have to learn quickly.

In a hint of things to come, there is already a sign of tension between Steph and Leah. Leah goes over to borrow some gap filler and sneaks around Steph and Gian’s house, and she is caught by Steph. Steph says it’s all fine, but is it?

Scotty does a walk around to meet our contestants. He notices Eliza and Liberty brought a record number of suitcases to The Block, even though they just live down the road in Melbourne. He also questioned Steph and Gian’s kids room. He thinks it’s more like a hotel room for adults to have a fun weekend away.

After a baptism of fire all of the Blockheads finish the House Decider challenge and they are exhausted. Neale, Shaynna and Darren arrive to judge, and an emotional Neale let’s Shaynna and Darren know he won’t be in Melbourne very week this year.   They get set to judging, with some mixed results.

Steph and Gian spent $4972

The judges thought they completely missed the brief. They didn’t deliver what was required, and that is a room for kids.

Score 14/30

Kristy and Brett spent $4972

Lots of creativity, but they felt the South Australian couple could have gone further. A big improvement compared to Steph and Gian.

Score 18/30

Kyle and Leslie spent $4925

A good effort, but when it came to styling it was underbaked. The Lego left on the floor wasn’t a hit with the judges.

Score  17.5/30

Leah and Ash spent $4992

A beautiful effort, they nailed the brief. The hand made bunk beds in particular were very well done.

Score 27/30

Eliza and Liberty spent $4904

A fair effort for the two sisters who have never renovated before.  The judges thought it was well executed but needed more layers.

Score 18.5 /30

At the end of episode one Scotty praises our Blockheads and there is one winner, Leah and Ash.  We will get to see which house the Blockheads decide in episode two


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