Stakeout Takes Ed Out. Josh’s Freeway Demise.

Stakeout Takes Ed Out. Josh’s Freeway Demise.

Tonight on Hunted, after a dramatic car chase, Josh is hunted down but Holly narrowly escapes. Father son duo, Tharren and Jordan stuck together, but Ed and Jimi went their own ways, Jimi fended for himself on the streets of Melbourne, while Ed laid low at Aunt Sandy’s, until the Hunters sought him out.

With only 72 hours until extraction, tensions ran high for the six fugitives on the run. Josh had tried to lead Hunters astray and far away from Holly, who missed the Hunters by a whisker as she secured an emergency lift out of the area. Josh was on a roll, having called all his contacts to throw the Hunters off and send them down the wrong rabbit holes, but little did he know that Hunted HQ were already tracking his movement and had discovered his real plans.

As the clock ticked, Josh devised one last daring plan. He strategically stopped at the Geelong Train Station, making it look like he had jumped out to catch a train. The Hunters swept the area, but he was nowhere to be found. Unaware of the looming danger, Josh relied on his burner phone to arrange his next move with friend Marco. The moment the call was made, Hunter Teams Alpha and Echo raced towards him. As Marco pulled over on the freeway, Josh attempted a frantic escape, but he couldn’t outrun Team Alpha. Josh’s time on the run was over.

Father son duo, Tharren and Jordan were the only team still together. They stuck to their tactics of approaching strangers for help and it was working. They were safe… for now.

Meanwhile, as Holly rode solo, the weight of loneliness and isolation began to take its toll. However, a chance encounter with Carina, a charming older lady, turned things around. Carina offered her backyard as a safe haven for Holly to pitch a tent. As they struck up a friendship, Carina introduced Holly to a local gardening group. Holly’s charisma worked like magic, attracting allies from all corners.

Ed and Jimi had also made the tough decision to split, leaving Ed to seek refuge at his Aunt Sandy’s house while Jimi roamed the city in search of shelter. By a stroke of luck, Jimi crossed paths with an old work colleague who provided him with a much needed place to spend the night.

As the other fugitives moved around, Ed remained at his Aunt’s home, unaware of the impending danger. Back at Hunted HQ, red flags were raised when the Hunters discovered that Ed’s Aunt Sandy had unfriended him on all social media just before the Hunt began. Immediately Ground Hunter Teams Charlie and Alpha were sent to investigate. Team Charlie played a long game, staking out the house while Team Alpha, positioned themselves at the end of the road, awaiting any signs of Ed. Upon his return home, Sandy dropped Ed off at a safe distance, allowing him to approach the house on foot, attempting to outsmart the Hunters. However, as he approached the supposed safe haven, Ed spotted the Hunters and ran in the opposite direction. But it was a futile attempt, as the relentless Hunters quickly encircled him, bringing a heart-wrenching end to his time on the run.

Don’t miss tomorrow night’s Hunted Finale as four Fugitives race to score a share of $100,000. Father and son duo, Jordan and Tharren, and Holly and Jimi who are making the final run without their team mates. Who will make it to the extraction point?  


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