The Block Beach Challenge

The grind of the Block has taken its toll on Eliza, she is sick in bed as everyone continues their work from home spaces.

Most of the couples are reimagining the space, to make an extra guest bedroom as well as a work from home space.

Liberty is still struggling with the advice of her judges, who slammed her styling.  Eliza calls her the “Nick Kyrgios” off The Block, she starts well then gives up.

By the end of the day Liberty gets a spring in her step and her great attitude is back, after she has a design consultation with Freedom.

BBQ king Brett fires up the Weber for his team in House No.4, who have had a tough week when they found out they had to restump the whole house.

Our first challenge is called, and our Blockheads head to Brighton Baths down the road for a sand sculpting challenge.

After a long day, Leah and Ash take out the win and $5000 and an all important gnome.  After a tough couple of weeks, their spirits are lifted.


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