Work From Home Week Begins on The Block

It’s work from home space week on The Block and the added stress there is a public holiday in Melbourne, which means no power tools on a Monday.

Leah from House No.2 is really struggling with the judges feedback, questioning what she is doing on The Block.

Liberty from House No.5 was also left reeling after new judge Marty Fox said he thought they should have presented their studio from last week with nothing in it.

Steph and Gian took the win along with a vintage Hermes bag, which she parades around at the Open For Inspections.

Steph isn’t shy on trying to help her other Blockheads with her opinions, but it’s not always taken the best way.  Leah in particular doesn’t want to listen.

This week for the first time all five couples have to build their work from home space in the old house, which means more demo and hard work.  Steph and Gian have an advantage as they have been in the old house all along, and they know what it takes.

Steph and Gian go to the Yarra Valley for the weekly Ford Getaway, spending a lovely night at the Blairgownie Estate winery and dinner with Scotty.

Major drams for Kristy and Brett in House No.3, after inspection it is found all the house stumps in their house are old fashioned pine timber. That is not compliant in the modern age in building, and this is going to set them back every week.

Gian puts the spa in his backyard on Facebook marketplace, hoping to make an extra $15,000.

Alice Stolz from Domain comes to The Block for the first time this year, and explains to the contestants the Domain Listings are already live.

Eliza continues her baptism of fire, asking Foreman Dan “What’s the difference between a nail and a screw?!”

Her sister Liberty is getting frustrated and overwhelmed after Marty Fox’s comments, and in a phone call with her mother back in Adelaide, she doesn’t hold back.


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