Only Room For Two Traitors In This Tower.

The Traitors did it again, with yet another Faithful, banished on The Traitors tonight. Here is how it went down…

Last night, after the Faithful banished their first Traitor Ash, remaining Traitors Sam and Blake were given the option to recruit a Faithful. But it seems Traitor Tower was not ready for a new velvet-wearing devotee after they denied the opportunity… for now.

At breakfast, Sam had taken it upon himself to be head Traitor hunter for the Faithfuls, who hung off every word he said. Liam walked in wearing the Shield and everyone was left guessing what had happened last night – a murder or a recruitment?

Meanwhile, Luke and Annabel were onto Sam. Realising it was a Traitor mutiny last night, they decide to attempt to rally the numbers to banish Sam and oust him as a Traitor. Meanwhile, everyone was shocked to discover Paul had been murdered when he failed to turn up for his bacon and eggs.

The Red team won the Mission and went on to a Shield Mission of Viking proportions that saw Liam protected for a second time in a row.

Ahead of Banishment that night, Ian’s name was thrown around, with Liam certain he was a Traitor. However, Liam also made himself look suspicious by not voting for Traitor Ash last night and became suspect number two. Luke and Annabel desperately tried dropping little nuggets of information about Sam performing a mutiny last night on Ash, but their efforts were thwarted when Liam and Ian went at it, cementing them as the two targets for Banishment. 

In the Banishment Ceremony, Ian fought for his life, as did Liam. Luke and Annabel waited for their moment to pounce on Sam but they conceded defeat when they realised the room was set on Ian or Liam. It became a neck and neck race between Ian and Liam – but in the end, Faithful Ian was banished.

In Traitor Tower, Sam and Blake were again given the option to recruit. Find out if they agree to bring in another masked murderer


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