The Block All Stars Launches Monday

Ahead of its Launch on Monday Nine has now confirmed a few more details about the show.


This year, 7 O’Block promises to take the competition to a new level when four ‘All Star’ couples return to fight for the title they felt they deserved but never received: winners of The Block.
The Block All Stars are Phil and Amity (2003), Mark and Duncan, aka “The Two Fat Tradies” (2010), Josh and Jenna (2011) and Dan and Dani (2012).

They will be dropped into the thrill ride that is property renovation, in a contest to complete the best renovation and sale of four identical heritage-listed houses.

When complete, each one of the four renovated properties will have at least two bedrooms and two bathrooms, huge kitchens, dining and two living areas, plus generous outdoor areas both front and back.

The All Star teams know only too well the pressures of living among their renovations, abiding by council restrictions and budgeting to pay for their tradies, furniture and fittings.
They might have done it before but they’ve got no idea of the twists and turns the new series will take

The Block All Stars: 7pm weeknights and 6.30pm Sundays on Nine

Source 9


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