My Kitchen Rules adds a 4th serving

My Kitchen Rules adds a 4th serving

Next week My Kitchen Rules has some of the most anticipated episodes as well as now airing four times a week

The „Spice Girls‟, aka Jessie and Biswa from NSW, have already heated things up around the dinner table on My Kitchen Rules, but how will they handle the heat in the kitchen?

This is the instant restaurant viewers have been waiting for when the girls don their aprons and strive to attain the perfect scores they‟ve confidently claimed they are capable

While Biswa happily announces, “No more boring restaurants” as she greets her guests, she may be forgetting it is these same guests who will be critiquing and scoring her food!
The MKR Spice Girls have polarised viewers with their honest appraisals and confident talk. Now is the time to see if they can match their talk in the kitchen

My Kitchen Rules expands to four nights, airing Monday-Thursday at 7:30pm on Seven.

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