Neighbours returnees and new faces

Neighbours returnees and new faces

t’s a week Neighbours fans have been waiting for, a return and some new arrivals are set to rock Ramsay Street to its core.

The big week kicks off when Sarah Beaumont (Nicola Charles) returns to the street after a fourteen year absence. Sarah was the original reason that the Kennedys’ marriage split up after her and Karl shared a kiss way back in the 1997 finale.

Time has changed Sarah, who is back in town on official business, but that doesn’t mean the past is easily forgotten. There are secrets that no one wants to reveal to Susan about just how far things went in the past.

While I won’t reveal why she returns or the secrets that need to be kept hidden, I can say that Sarah does not return willingly.

Also arriving this week is the Turner Family who already have connections to the street through Lou. It is nice to see the old and new collide in an unmissable week.

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