Downton Abbey and Castle are Back

Downton Abbey and Castle are Back

N0 Surprises here Seven returns Downton Abbey to Sunday .

The British  drama kicks off the third  season with a 90 minute premiere which seas Shirley Maclaine kick off her role as Cora’s mother. 

Cora’s mother sweeps into Downton for Matthew and Mary’s wedding, but with the couple’s relationship under strain will they even make it to the altar?

New footman Alfred strives to meet Carson’s high standards, under the watchful eye of his aunt O’Brien.

Robert’s shocking news brings financial worries to the fore, on an unprecedented scale. Might he lose Downton itself and all it stands for?

New Episodes of Castle follow at 10pm returning with season 5 Episode 6   The Final Frontier

Both shows return this Sunday on 7

Thanks to Courtney Lewdon for the Downton Abbey synopsis


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