The Biggest Loser The Next Generation Launch Week

Here is what to expect from The first week of The Biggest Loser and just a reminder that episodes will be recapped nightly.

The Biggest Loser  is back for the most significant challenge in the history of the series: to help break the cycle of generational obesity in Australia.

Under the guidance of our expert trainers Michelle, Shannan and The Commando, our seven family teams will face their fears, confront epic challenges and transform their lives. In the end, one family team will take home the title of The Biggest Loser 2013.

Sunday, March 17, 6.45pm

Tonight, the contestants have no idea the trainers are spying on them from a surveillance van outside their houses. Will terrible food habits and sedentary lifestyles be all they uncover? Then, thinking they are on their way to The Biggest Loserhouse, the families are taken to an arena in front of 3000 fans to pledge their promise to themselves and each other. With the emotional weight lifted, comes another twist: arriving in bushland they must take a leap of faith and jump off a 10-metrehigh cliff and swim to collect their ticket into the house. No jump, no ticket, no The Biggest Loser journey.


Monday, March 18, 7.30pm

It’s the first weigh-in of the season and guaranteed to be one of the most emotional and powerful weigh-ins in The Biggest Loser history, with some children weighing in heavier than their parents. After finding out their starting weights, it’s time for the contestants to start getting that number down with their very first workout. Who will break down? Then, one by one the trainers and Dr. Swan show the children what they would look like by the time they reach their parents’ age. The health ramifications hit home for the contestants.

Tuesday, March 19, 7.30pm

Hayley Lewis pays a surprise visit to the house and reveals that if all seven family couples can lose a combined total of 100kilograms this week, nobody will be eliminated. All contestants must work together to achieve this target. With that said, it’s time to get stuck into a challenge of epic proportions: arriving at Camden Airport the contestants have to pull a skip which has been weighted to match their combined body weight. They must pull the skip 500 metres in the ultimate race against a fighter jet.

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