60 Minutes March 17

Here is whats in store for 60 minutes.

Justice Overboard
To the police, she’s a cold blooded killer. To her supporters: the victim of justice denied. Susan Neil-Fraser is serving 23 years in a Hobart prison for the murder of her de facto husband and at first, it might seem like the perfect crime. You see there’s no body, no weapon, and no direct witnesses. And for Susan’s friends and family, that’s exactly the point: there was never any hard evidence to convict her. Legal experts are even likening her plight to the Lindy Chamberlain case. It’s the perfect murder mystery.
Reporter: Charles Wooley
Producer: David Alrich

Holding Them Back
It’s only six weeks since three hundred thousand Australian children took their first steps through the school gate. For many of their parents, along with the usual tears and butterflies, can be a niggling doubt – is their child ready? And if you’re looking for reassurance that you’ve made the right decision, the latest research doesn’t help. Send them too early, and they may never catch up – in academic results or self-esteem. Start them later, and they’re more likely to be the success of the classroom – not just in their first year but for the rest of their school life.
Reporter: Tara Brown
Producers: Stephen Taylor, Ali Smith

City Farms
For many Australian families, putting enough food on the table is a daily struggle. And things will get worse before they get better. You see the world’s got too many mouths to feed and we’re fast running out of good farming land. It’s being over grazed, gobbled up by sprawling cities, or sold up to foreign interests. The solution to this global crisis – might just be the return of the humble vegie patch but on a massive, modern scale. Entire skyscrapers, housing farms, not office workers. No soil, no sunlight, no seasons. It’s a food revolution and it’s starting right here, in our own backyard.
Reporter: Michael Usher
Producers: Danny Keens, Hannah Boocock

7:30pm Sunday on Nine.

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