Can of Worms March 18

Can of Worms March 18

This Week Can of Worms has Chris Isaak, James Mathison and Jimeoin.

Even though many guys succeed in being faithful to their partners, the scientific truth is that males are really ‘programmed’ to inseminate as many attractive females as possible according to the experts.

It’s no surprise that the average male is more interested in sex than the average female but, does that make all men “penocentric”?

Join host Chrissie Swan and celebrity guests Chris Isaak, James Mathison and Jimeon as they defend their manhood and discuss one of many social media issues.


Chris Isaak is the charismatic king of cool and Australians love him. The Californian multi-platinum artist, Grammy-nominated singer-songwriter and acclaimed actor has been touring the world almost non-stop for 28 years.

Chris has had a successful and impressive recording career since his 1985 debut Silvertone. Some of his biggest hits include Wicked Game, Baby Did A Bad Bad Thing, Dancin’, Blue Hotel and Somebody’s Crying. In 2011 he released Beyond The Sun, which pays tribute to some of music’s rock royalty including Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash, Jerry Lee Lewis and Roy Orbison. The album debuted at number 3 on Australia ARIA’s album chart.

Now 56, Chris has built a huge fan base in Australia. He’s come back regularly to play at the Byron Bay Bluesfest, as well as his acclaimed solo shows. Chris says he has had a passionate “mutual” love affair with Australia. “I’d be proud to be an honorary Aussie, I love Australia.” His latest tour starts in Sydney on Wednesday, March 20.

Chris is big on the importance of having good people around. “Friends are more important than money. You know, you won’t be happy unless you have good people around you.”


Television presenter extraordinaire James Mathison grew up on Sydney’s northern beaches. He was never a surfer but he was an extremely sporty kid. He now lives in inner city Sydney with his partner and three-month-old daughter Luca.

James has four sisters and is close to them all. His parents were neither strict or hippy, and James says he’d like to raise his kids the way he was raised, “with crystal clear boundaries [and] 100% supported by jer mother and father”.

In 2010 he left Australia to fulfil a long held dream and spent six months in New York, where he completed a screenwriting course at New York University. Since returning to Sydney he’s been back on camera hosting various gigs including the red carpet arrivals at the 2011 Logie Awards. He’s also a regular panel member on The Project.

James is always busy with his own music projects too. Years ago, while working on Australian Idol, James was moonlighting as a guitarist with a spoof band from Sydney called The Punisherz. The band also featured Yumi Stynes on bass, and although they were widely derided, they managed to land gigs at the Falls Festival and The Big Day Out.


Actor, author and stand-up comedian, Jimeoin moved to Australia at the age of 22, after he “had just had enough of England”. Slowly but surely, Jimeoin began to make a name for himself in Australia, to the point that his full-time job was acting daft. In the mid 1990s he hosted three series of his own hit show Jimeoin.

During his comedy career, he’s made many appearances at the Melbourne Comedy Festival and performed around Europe and the UK. He is also a regular invitee to the mecca of comedy, Montreal’s Just For Laughs Festival. From 2005 to 2008, Jimeoin toured outback Australia playing a mix of hotels, theatres, swimming pools, cattle ranches and anywhere that looked a bit interesting. This was filmed for a TV series on BBC Northern Ireland called Jimeoin Down Under.

When it comes to his comedy, Jimeoin doesn’t care for controversy. He doesn’t speculate about politics, talk about celebrities and he has no interest in offending his audience. He’s also made a vow to never talk much about his on-stage material or where it came from. “I’m not dodging the question, but I never talk about what I talk about.”

Now 47, he lives in Melbourne with his wife Catherine and children Rose, 11, Mario, 8, and Grace, 5 and Frances, 1, and is a keen fisherman and golfer.

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