The Biggest Loser Finale Week Train The Trainers ep

The Biggest Loser Finale Week Train The Trainers ep


Last week the contestants faced their fears now the finale is in sight but before that it’s time for some motivation and a few more tears.

The contestants arrive home to the trainers waiting for them. As always they have a surprise for them. Today they will be paying back the community by running a training session with three hundred and fifty school kids on the back. Katie can remember the feelings from a year ago when she was at school and recall the judgement while Todd is still a school kid so nerves are high in both.

The trainers arrive on  stage where they introduce the contestants first up is Robyn and Katie where we see just how much she has grown. She was afraid of crowds today she is more confident because she wants to inspire and help others. Richard and amber lead the kids through how to do a full squat. Janet instructs the kids while Kirsten and Michelle show them how to do the exercises.

Gerald and Todd finish out the session with some boxing. Todd was having a bit of trouble with his confidence but he remembered how much more confident he was after fears week. He manages to motivate them by telling his story and how he plans to be a normal 15 year old when he leaves the house. We see that people are absolutely exhausted.

The following day the contestants except for Gerald who had to get back checked are in the kitchen. When they notice cardboard cut outs of the trainers dressed in their team colours. There is a letter in Michelle hand, as it turns out its time for them to get their revenge. They are going to train the trainers. But before they organise the training session the kid’s graffiti the cut outs. They give commando pink lipstick, eyeliner and big eyelashes and a heart shaped ear piercing. Shannon has a curly moustache. Michelle has a monobrow. The contestants then arrived dressed up as their respective trainer and with that it’s time for some payback.

First up to feel the wrath is Michelle who is on the rowing machine to start off throughout the work out some of Michelle’s best insults are thrown back at her like Janet asking Michelle if she wants to go down Pussy Way or Man Up Road and Michelle picks Man Up Road after the rowing machine some box jumps and weightlifting. She is clearly exhausted but there is one last challenge the weight vest which the girls have made of their combined average weight loss which is 25.6 KG. To make it even harder she will do it on the cross trainer. She falls off the equipment and hits her head but she’s ok. Michelle is proud of them for putting together an intense workout.

Next up is the Commando he is expecting it to be tough and it is. The warm up is warm-up is a 22.5kg dumbbell in each hand while he runs circles in the sand.  Some rope whips and some sand rolls from end to end. It’s at that point that the commando takes his shirt off and refreshes himself as he’s not ready to quit yet but the girls are clearly distracted so Richard takes over the session. Next up there are some tires in the wrong spot so the commando has to move them. He does this with ease by putting them over his head. He catches his breath and then it’s time for stage two. Stage two is at the stinky duck lake. But it doesn’t bother him with that it’s over to Shannon

The goal of Shannon training session is to break all the house records. . First one is 5 minutes on the treadmill at 20km an hour. Gerald reminds him about his role model speech he gave a few weeks ago if he feels like quitting. They then take him to the rowing machine and it’s clear they have thought this out to push him to breaking point. Then there was 5 km on the spin bike at which point Shannon wants it to be over but Todd has one last test for him. Death by squats, he manages to beat Todd record and with that the session has ended.

Later the day the contestants and trainers meet up for trainers to get their revenge so how well they do it? There’s a bridge built over the lake and some gladiator style sticks to beat each other with so the first contestant up is Richard. Michelle wants to take him down but she gets the Commando to do this. In the first joust they both go into the water around the same time as Richard pulls the commando in tearing his favourite singlet so he takes his shirt off. Richard follows suit leading to one of the most disturbing scenes ever. The commando easily gets the better of him.

We then see the contestants on the couch when Shannon comes in with another announcement. They will be getting new family photos taken to finish off the biggest loser experience.

Janet and Kirsten are dolled up in dresses and are having their photos taken in front of a swimming pool near the Sydney Harbour Bridge.  Gerald and Todd have pictures taken in a real boxing gym,

Richard and Amber are having their pictures taken on a beach. Amber says any time she gets dolled up she’s going to glam it up, Beyoncé style. Richard thinks she’ll be smoking up the catwalk. Robyn and Katie are having their pictures taken in front of a cannon Katie’s in army gear while Robyn’s just in a blue dress.

Later the contestants are taken to the AMP Building they abseiled down in week 4. They are going to project the photos on to the building. But before they can see the new photos we get one last look at their audition tapes to see how far they have come.

Robyn and Katie’s picture is first to go up and in it Robyn is getting a hug from Katie. They are happy with it and emotional.

Richard and Amber were next. Amber looks pretty, she says, and Richard says it’s the nicest photo of her he’s had, ever.

Janet and Kirsten loves it, Michelle says she’s looking smoking hot! Janet tells us she looks like a model.

Last to get their picture up is Gerald and Todd. Yes he’s looking good but he’s more impressed by his Dad, he’s looking so much happier.

Later that night the commando wakes everyone up for the last Chance training session which we will see tomorrow.