The Biggest Loser 8 – The Contestants FINALLY Get Their Makeovers

The Biggest Loser 8 – The Contestants FINALLY Get Their Makeovers

It seems as if these makeover episodes have been forever in the making, and thanks to TEN’s promotional department, we’ve already seen half of them. So here’s a very belated and spoilt Makeover episode.

Michelle begins the week with only one of her teams after Sam & Jess were eliminated last week. Michelle thinks it is an advantage that the team gets 100% of her attention. All teams are currently undergoing their usual training regime.

Commando gets his contestants to be ‘obsessed’ about their time in Biggest Loser, or face going home to their couches. This is mainly directed to the ever-sluggish Amber, who continues to put in a questionable effort.

Afterwards, the contestants are sitting at the table as the trainers come in. They look frustrated. Something has been brought to their attention and it isn’t that good. They need to talk. This all looks like a big act to bring in makeovers. But could it be something genuine?

Turns out, the thing they’re disappointed about is their appearance. Makeover time! First off, they all go to the salon. All but Gerald and Todd, who got makeovers last week.

Like every year, they all look so incredible and incredibly different! When their hair and makeup is done, they go glam up with some clothes! After that, the glamorous catwalk awaits, and so does the crowd! This is a makeover reveal format the show has had since 2011.

Robyn and Katie are the first to show their stuff. Robyn looks amazing and you can tell she is a different person. Robyn is then confronted with a hologram of her former self showering compliments over her and tearily telling her not to go back to what she’s seeing.

Next out is Katie. Smokin’! She claims to have never have felt ‘this good’. She then confronts ‘The Hologram!’ Then, their loved ones come on stage.

Next out is Janet. Another beautiful transformation! She is so confident and LOVES her new look. Would you expect anything less? Cue Hologram!

With that, we finish with tonight’s transformations. The rest follow tomorrow.


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