The Block Sky High Ep 2 Medical Emergency Recap

The Block Sky High Ep 2  Medical Emergency Recap

The 48-challenge continues tonight, but for one contestant, it all gets too much and they land themselves in hospital. Another day, another episode…

The SA crew have pulled an all-nighter and the tiler arrives in the morning. Meanwhile, Madi has a flu bug which leaves Jarred to continue with the job at hand by himself. She is told to rest, but it seems to be getting worse.

Trixie and Johnno are finding it hard to cope due to family circumstances. They find it hard to spend a lot of time away from their child, who has special needs. Meanwhile, Matt and Kim have $1600 to furnish their room, which is a lot less than they usually spend on a renovation.

Back to Madi, and she’s going downhill fast. She heads to a doctor who diagnoses her with severe dehydration.

Back at Trixie and Johnno’s floor, a pipe has leaked and is washing paint off their walls. Not a good start to the day.

Alisa is shopping and left the tiles in her car so Lysandra is worried that the tiler will punish them.

Even after the doctor visit, Madi is feeling worse so she’s off to bed.

Back to Trixie and Johnno’s pipe problems, Trixie can’t find a plumber so they turn off the water pipes for upstairs. It seems to work as the leak stops. Still not a good start.

Everyone has 1 person shopping while another is at the Block. Matt and Kim have a disagreement over lights while Bec has a meltdown as she wants products no one can deliver. Her tears attract a salesperson that comes through and helps her get the stuff after all.

Meanwhile, Madi becomes so sick; she needs to go to hospital.

Back at The Block, Bec and George’s vanity is missing and someone’s moved the box. Alisa and Lysandra are choosing wallpaper but Lysandra’s tradies better move and Trixie and Johnno have all the linen for the bed. Matt and Kim have to fill a gap so the bedside tables will fit while the SA team’s tiler has just left so the plasterer can do that job for them.

The morning of delivery has arrived and Madi is feeling much better. Final preparations are upon the contestants and it’s all hands on deck to get everything sorted with 10 minutes left. Trixie and Bec still haven’t done there bed but they manage to complete the task. With that, times up and the judging begins tomorrow.

this recap was a joint effort between Ryno and Courtney


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