The Biggest Loser 8 – Makeovers Conclude

The Biggest Loser 8 – Makeovers Conclude

After a week of change, the last of the makeover contestants strut their stuff on the catwalk.

Janet and Kirsten are first up tonight. After meeting up with their family, Gerald & Todd get to have the catwalk experience. Todd gets to see his Hologram.

It’s now time for Mandy and Brett to come out. They get the same treatment with the family member catch up!

Richard and Amber are next. Amber is very confident. They also get to see their families. They all look very good.

After all the makeovers are done, it’s time for the challenge. Hayley welcomes them to an indoor equestrian ring. Today, they will be taking part in the traditional 5-way tug-o-war. The objective is for the teams to pull their way to two paddles. The first team to grab both paddles will win while the losing team will get a half kilo weight penalty. The winner will receive a half kilo weight advantage.

It’s time for round one. Gerald and Todd pull a bit, rest and let the other contestants flail. When they are tired, the green team bolt for their first paddle. In the second round, Richard promises to give Katie and Robyn the next paddle as part of the alliance. Amber is pissed off, while Kirsten is cautious of the alliance. In the end, Amber flips and lets the orange team grab it.

In the third round, the green team help the grey team. In response, the light blue team help the orange team get their second paddle and they do, meaning they won the challenge. The alliance seems to anger Mandy, who commands Richard to cook his own dinner tonight.

For the fourth round, the green and grey team help each other. In a slight tussle, the grey team get both their paddles over two rounds.

To round six, three teams are left. After a bit of strategizing, the pink team decide to help the light blue team score a paddle, effectively ganging up on the green team.

Now, it’s round seven! Before that, Amber seems to give the pink team their vote. In this round, blue help pink score a paddle.

To round eight and green are looking very tired and worn out. The other two teams do all they can to stop them from winning this. The idea is to let the pink team win this paddle and have the blue team fight the green team. Instead, the blue team grab their paddle, stunning the pink team. They bitch about Richard and Amber to the orange team.

Despite giving the pink team their word, the light blue team know the pink team are going down like a lead balloon and they don’t seem the least bit sad. The pink team were used and in the end, they lose the challenge. When they lose, Kirsten seems more pissed off at Janet, believing her negativity is the reason they failed. Janet seems to get that it was all Richard’s idea.

But who will survive the next weigh in? Find out Sunday!


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