The Block Sky High Who gets the Penthouse?

The Block Sky High Who gets the Penthouse?

When we last caught up with The Block the contestants had just finished a 48 hour challenge to design a room, to decide who gets what floor on the block. So let the judging begin. 

Returning to help us judge the rooms are Neale Whitaker, Shaynna Blaze and Darren Palmer. The first room up for inspection is Matt and Kym’s on Level 1. They went way over budget and cut their carpet in the wrong spot but will the judges notice?.

The judges walk in and see the flowers on the bed and it doesn’t scream 5 star to Shaynna who thinks the theme was combining retro with modern and it doesn’t really work. The lighting and wallpaper are praised, as well as the small touches such as the coffee table .

The ensuite is more 5 star then the bedroom with more floor space and a huge shower, however the shower head’s a little low but they are impressed.

Floor 2 which was home to Johnno and Trixie, who accidently burst a water pipe is next. Darren says the room is more 5 star hotel than the room before . The dark colour is liked and the room is right on trend, however Darryn notices that the room doesn’t have a TV which is standard in a hotel.

In the bathroom the lighting is liked and the room can’t be faulted, except for the fact that there is no shelving to put your toiletries on.

Floor 3 was designed by Madi and Jarred who had to do most of the work alone after a medical emergency. The ceiling is loved however the fact that they missed putting the finishing touches on fixtures is noted. The judges also love the fact that a bar fridge was made out of a paint tin.

The bathroom is impressive and is appropriate for hotels in Melbourne

Level 4 is home to the SA team who have taken the term brief literally. The judges liked the empty picture frame however they took on too much and it feels rough and unfished. In the bathroom the cracks are evident and it’s unfished but the vanity is nice and they had the ideas – it was just missing the excussion.

Last up is the penthouse suite styled by Bec and Gorge. Darren says they didn’t meet the brief however Neal calls it the most  traditional hotel room. The lighting highlighting the artwork is clever but the black makes it feel closed in. The bathroom is all good but the black is giving a depressing mood according to Darren.

With that its time to give the contestant the results

1st Trixie and Johno who take the 5th floor

2nd place Madi and Jarrod 4th floor

3rd place goes to Bec and Gorge 3rd floor

4th Matt and Kim 2nd floor

5th SA are on the bottom floor. After each couple have a look at the floor they will be staying on it’s time to get the game started.

While exploring, teams discover that this week is a double room reveal in which they must deliver a bedroom and ensuite. To help them out they get vouchers to use to purchase products needed to complete the hotel. In the foyer Scotty tells them that there is also a Mitre 10 block shop on site as well as new Suzukis to get around. They also get an 80000 budget and there is an ATM in the foyer. The teams also have their floor plans for the renovation and everyone’s enthusiastic, except the twins who discover they have to do 5 bathrooms. They are a bit confused so they call in a real estate agent who explains that that is what the high end market wants – their own bathroom.

Gorge who is from Melbourne calls in a family friend to help them stay focused on the goal. The sisters have hired Polly and Waz’s old builder to help them with their build. While Matt has decided that the style for their floor will be influenced by Jackson Polik with a piece of art in each room.

The following morning the fun really kicks off with the demolishing of the bathrooms. Jarred takes Madi for a ride in the wheelbarrow to dump the toilet. On level 1 the sisters are behind everyone having not stripped their bathroom. While Bec’s mum stops by with the food and washing which will be a weekly thing.

Kim and Matt have decided to have half concrete, half carpet in one of their rooms. Meanwhile the Coppers have lost the car keys they eventually find them in Bec’s washing. While there they think they see Gorge’s brother helping out and they get flustered but it turns out that the guy is the plumber.

Due to how old the buildings are all teams have to remove the vermiculite from the celling, while the sisters haven’t been heard from in a few hours and are falling further behind.

Meanwhile Jarrad and Madi are getting materials delivered for their celling. Matt thinks they are his so he now has to go get more, while Jarred says they had his floor number on them so he got them.

The girls turn up after 8 hours of shopping picking up a secret items which were required. But the fact they cant see their family is really getting to them.

With that the episode ends.



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