The Bachelor gets sensual

The Bachelor gets sensual

After Monique’s shock exit at the last cocktail party, the rest of the Bachelorettes are on a mission to out Abbie’s game plan on The Bachelor Australia.

Arriving at the mansion with a single date card, Osher reminded the ladies to use their time with Matt wisely. Finally scoring one on one time with Matt, it was Emma who was off on a single date with Matt that involved being blindfolded.


Rocking up to a castle, Matt met Emma with a massive hug. Revealing the blindfold was for a sensory deprivation exercise, Matt led Emma inside to a table holding six cloches.  opping the blindfold on Emma, Matt fed her what was hidden on the plates. The truffles weren’t a hit but the chocolate cake definitely was, with both of them hinting it could be a wedding cake.

Settling down to enjoy some wine, Emma revealed to Matt how serious she was about him, telling him “you mean the world to me, you really do.”

Matt then revealed another surprise that contained something Emma had said to him when they first met on the red carpet. Matt reached over and handed Emma a wooden plaque with the words “I love being in love” immortalised in wave form. Through tears, Emma couldn’t believe how thoughtful Matt was. Cue a red rose and a kiss to seal their connection.

All the Bachelorettes were then invited on a group date where they were required to rank themselves in terms of their best and worst qualities.

The game kicked off with Osher asking the ladies to stand in order of most selfless to the least selfless. With no one wanting to be at the selfish end, it was Cassandra who took one for the team and put herself last, leaving Kristen, Helena, Elly, Emma and Chelsie at the top of the food chain.

Announcing these ladies were out of the game, Osher then revealed they were all safe with a rose but needed to judge the following rounds.

Repeatedly haggling with the other Bachelorettes about ranking positions, regardless of their feelings, Abbie made it known that she was in the game to win the final rose from Matt.

With Brianna and Abbie the last two standing, they were both tasked with writing down what they were looking for in a partner to present to Matt. With the other women looking on and vocal about their support for Brianna, they were disappointed when Abbie’s chat with Matt went extremely well, resulting in Matt giving her a rose.

Osher arrived at the cocktail party to announce it was a “live rose ceremony” where Matt would spend time with each lady and if their chat went well, he would award the Bachelorette with a rose on the spot. At the end of the night, the woman not holding a rose would leave the mansion.

Tired of Abbie always telling Matt one thing and everyone else in the mansion another, Sogand confronted Abbie to get to the bottom of her motives. Believing she had been honest the entire time, Abbie blamed Sogand’s jealousy for her outburst and walked away from the conversation.

After spending time with all the ladies, Matt felt he had missed connecting with Brianna and sent her home without a rose.