10 sets Pilot Week for September

10 sets Pilot Week for September

10 has confirmed Pilot Week will screen in September.

From undercover mothers to geriatric landlords, 10 are bringing you a fresh line-up of pilots, and giving you a say in what will return for a full season. They will  be looking at ratings and listening to the chatter to gauge which of the Pilots you want to see back on your screen.

Will the lavishly ludicrous life of PR maven Roxy Jacenko in I Am…Roxy leave you wanting more? Are the larger than life antics, and bank accounts, of Sydney’s Crazy Rich Asians what viewers want to see? Will My 80 Year Old Flatmate melt your heart? Or will you want to join Nicola Parry and Heidi Arena for a stakeout in Part Time Private Eyes?

Last year Trial By KyleSaturday Night RoveTaboo and Kinnie Tonight were all green-lit for a season.

The choice is yours and you’ll be able to make it soon. So buckle up and get ready for something different.

Pilot Week 2019 Starts Sunday, 8 September on 10