The Bachelor finds his top 6

The Bachelor finds his top 6

Last night The Bachelor farewelled another favorite as the finale looms.

After going on the first single date with Richie at the start of the season, Nikki has since watched other Bachelorettes grow closer with the Bachelor. Receiving her second single date tonight, Nikki was thrilled to pick up where she and Richie had left off.

Arriving at the Bachelor mansion in an antique car, Richie collected Nikki for an old-fashioned day in rural New South Wales. As the pair sat in one of Australia’s oldest pubs, Nikki opened up to Richie, with Richie agreeing the two were a perfect match.

Venturing outside for a picnic, Nikki was surprised by the arrival of Aussie folk band The Morrisons. As the band performed, Nikki and Richie enjoyed a dance before settling in for some more serious conversation about their future together.

After a romantic kiss and a rose from Richie, an emotional Nikki admitted to the camera that she was in love with him, saying: “It’s crazy that after this amount of time I’ve fallen love. I thought it would have taken longer.”

Tonight’s group date saw the Bachelorettes get down and dirty in a Tough Mudder competition. In a complex obstacle course that required the girls and Richie to work as a team to get to the finish line, some proved to be better team players than others.

While Olena was the least comfortable with the competition, she decided to challenge Richie to a race through a mud pit. As the pair slithered quickly under barbed wire, a mud-covered Olena was all smiles as she showed Richie her fun side.

Richie whisked Olena away for some champagne and, under a sea of sparking lights, told her that he was confused, interested and intrigued by her. Olena reassured Richie about the strength of her feelings for him. After their breakthrough, Richie presented Olena with a rose and a kiss.

At the cocktail party, an anxious Faith worried about where she stood with Richie. After enjoying a single date with Richie early on, she felt like she was being left behind as the other relationships continued to grow.

Faith opened up to Kiki, who also admitted to feeling uncertain of her own future with Richie.

Faith and Kiki were the last two left standing at the rose ceremony – and Richie said goodbye to Kiki.

On her departure, the personal assistant said: “I was hoping for a rose. It’s a bit disappointing. He has been such a gentleman and I am very grateful for him during this whole experience.”