Hamish Blake gatecrashes The Bachelor

Hamish Blake gatecrashes The Bachelor

Last night The Bachelor had no single dates but a very special guest.

Hoping for her second date with Richie, Faith’s prayers were answered when the Bachelor arrived at the mansion for a date with her name on it. The surprises continued when Australian comedian, actor, author and radio presenter, Hamish Blake, joined the pair for a date like no other.

With full control of planning today’s date, Hamish was dressed as a toddler named Rory who was going to put Richie and Faith’s relationship to the ultimate test. Rory explained that Richie was his daddy and Faith was his mummy and they must love and protect Rory all day.

Determined to make life difficult for the happy couple, Rory threw tantrums, asked his parents awkward questions and forced them to face the perils of potty training. While the day was not without its challenges, Richie and Faith laughed their way through and ended their date with a kiss. When Faith returned to the mansion without a rose, she and the five other Bachelorettes speculated as to what this could mean for the bubbly hairdresser.

Rachael was overjoyed to learn she would be going on the next single date, where she and Richie would explore their sensual sides. On a journey through their five senses, the pair created their own perfume, gave each other hand massages and fed each other sushi, all while documenting their day with Polaroid photos. An emotional Rachael then listened intently as Richie read her a touching letter from her mum.

Rachael was smitten as she explained that Richie was a rare gentleman and the pair shared a romantic kiss.

At the cocktail party, Faith was relieved to see Rachael return to the Bachelor mansion without a rose. But seeing Rachael’s overjoyed response to the day’s date left Steph feeling like she was behind the other girls in the race for Richie’s heart.

Alex was both excited and nervous to show Richie photos of her five-year-old son Elijah. While she wanted Richie to see her little boy, she worried he might be overwhelmed by the idea of becoming a stepfather so soon.

Heading into the rose ceremony, none of the Bachelorettes had roses, leaving each of them unsure about their future with Richie. With five roses handed out, date crasher Steph was the last Bachelorette standing empty-handed.

On her departure, the Victorian model said: “Since the day I walked in I felt like I had to play catch up. It is a very hard situation to walk into. Fighting against time, fighting against so many thing  I’m a bit upset right now but things happen for a reason and I guess I have just got to suck it up.



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