The Bachelor September 1

The Bachelor September 1

Tomorrow night  Hamish Blake, guest stars on The Bachelor.

Osher arrives at the mansion with a surprise date card for the Bachelorettes. The clue reads “There’s a big kid in all of us” and in walks Richie, who reveals he has a special surprise for today’s date.

Celebrity date crasher Hamish has been given control of a single date and believes that if Richie and his chosen lady are meant to be together, they need to be put to the ultimate test.

Out of nowhere, Hamish appears dressed as a three-year-old toddler named Rory, who is about to give Richie and one lucky Bachelorette an intensive course in toddler training.

Determined to make life difficult for the happy couple, Rory explains that Richie is his daddy and Richie’s date is his mummy. They must love and protect Rory all day long. If Rory needs food, drink or the toilet, mummy and daddy must help him. If mummy and daddy fail to take care of Rory, their date could end at any moment.

Hamish said: “As you know, I’m a fan of the TV show The Bachelor Australia and earlier this year I was offered the chance to create a date on the show.

“Life is not all jet skis and helicopters. Life is hard, life is real. You really want to test your relationship? See how you go with a toddler. If you can have a day out with a toddler and still have some time for yourself, then congratulations, you guys might work.”

Cue tears, tantrums and a lot of laughs as Rory shows Richie and his date what it really means to be parents.  

 The Bachelor Australia airs 7:30 pm Wednesdays and Thursday on Ten


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