The annual Country Ball ends in tears for Farmer Will

The annual Country Ball ends in tears for Farmer Will

Excited farmers and their partners arrived at Tamworth for a night full of country music and dancing at the annual Farmer Wants A Wife Country Ball tonight 

Ben gave his ladies an unexpected wake-up call to the realities of dairy farming in the wee hours of the morning: “Early starts are part of dairy farming. It’s important that the girls get there and understand if they’re to live with me for the rest of their life, that these mornings are gonna be forever.” 

Ben raised some eyebrows when the others noticed him showering his first 24-hour date, Leish, with attention while instructing them on how to milk cows. “He’s not really giving any of the girls time, it’s just Leish,” said 32-year-old salon owner Lisa. Laura, the 24-year-old vet nurse, also thought Ben had “tunnel vision”.

Later, emotions ran high after the ladies heard Leish sneaking into Ben’s room at night. They decided to address it head-on the next morning, but Ben reassured them that he has “a genuine connection with each one of them and not just Leish”. 

With Australian country rock singer-songwriter Casey Barnes performing live, the annual Country Ball kicked off in high spirits.

But before everyone took to the  dancefloor, the farmers caught up to swap stories from their first week with partners on the farm. The farmers advised Farmer Ben to divide his time equally with the ladies on his farm after he admitted spending majority of his time with Leish.  

Ben decided to have a chat with Leish: “The farmers definitely had a great advice. I’ve gotta give the other girls a chance. But Leish and I have got an amazing connection. So, I really wanted to be honest with her.”

While the farmers and their partners strutted their stuff on the dancefloor, one of Farmer Will’s partners, 24-year-old personal assistant Keely, fell and knocked her head. Embarrassed, Keely refused to return to the party.

Despite Will’s best efforts, Keely made the decision to walk out: “I don’t know if just all my emotions are sky high from embarrassing myself, but it just kind of put it into perspective for me. It’s like, well, this is a sign to say it’s not working.” Her decision upset Will as he “really enjoyed having her around and enjoyed getting to know her”.

But there was more drama in store for Will when another partner, 24-year-old hairdresser Alicia, expressed her desire to go home as she wasn’t getting Will’s attention. A perplexed Will said: “I started with four ladies and Keely’s gone home, and now this with Alicia. I honestly don’t know what’s happening.”

Farmer Benjamin and 32-year-old flower farmer, Erin, snuck out for an intimate chat that ended in a kiss. The move left Benjamin in a conundrum: “I’m in a serious amount of trouble. I really am. I’ve kissed Lyndsay, I’ve now kissed Erin and I am… I’m split. I’ve got a connection with all of these ladies and I’m all over the shop.”

At the end of the ball, the farmers each chose one partner for the next solo date.

The partners chosen were:

Farmer Ben: Maddison  

Farmer Benjamin: Erin

Farmer Harry: Tess

Farmer Paige: Dylan

Farmer Will: Jess


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