Block Bedroom and Bathroom Room Reveal

Block Bedroom and Bathroom Room Reveal

Will the boys be bathroom kings for the 3rd time this year?

Sarah-Jane has lost her bathroom basin, which isn’t a great start to the day for her.

After the drama of yesterday, Ankur and Sharon return to The Block and get back to work. They have the support of all the other contestants who try to encourage them to keep going.

Hipages host a foot race on The Block with the winner taking home $1000. Dylan is a fast sprinter, and he takes out the win.

Everyone works hard and eventually finishes their two rooms, and that includes Ankur and Sharon.  They have had the roughest week yet on The Block.

At judging, Scotty gives the contestants a pep talk, explaining that yes, The Block is the toughest thing they will ever do, but also it is so rewarding.

It’s judging time.

Tom and Sarah-Jane spent $26,613: Their bedroom with the Grafico wallpaper was a huge hit with the judges. Shaynna loves what they have done so much that she thinks Tom and Sarah-Jane could have a career in home design if they want to. The tiles in the bathroom are stunning. Another big week for the married couple from Melbourne.

Score 30/30 USED the gnome

Rachel and Ryan spent $29,642: The judges thought the bedroom lacked wow factor and had some functionality issues. However their bathroom was a huge hit. It was bold, different, unique with some country touches. The best room yet on The Block for Rachel and Ryan.

Score 26/30

Ankur and Sharon spent $36,635: While the scale of the room was incredible and the bones good, it was obvious Ankur and Sharon had a tough week. The rooms weren’t finished at all.  Dirty in places. No styling in the wardrobe. But when they are finished both rooms have real potential. The bathroom had a great layout, and the tile choice was perfect.

Score 22/30

Dylan and Jenny spent $ 25,459:  The bedroom while small, it was impressive. The finishes great as usual. They felt the bathroom styling and layout wasn’t right. Shaynna has an issue about having baths in the corners next to walls in a room.  So good feedback for Dylan and Jenny, but not great.

Score 24.5/30

Omar and Oz spent $38,368:  Wow. the judges loved the sunken bed, Japanese style. The study nook in the bedroom was perfect. The bathroom was amazing. Incredible tile choices. A very impressive week for Omar and Oz. They continue to surprise the judges.

Score 29/30

Tom and Sarah-Jane decide to play the gnome which turns out to be the right decision as it would have been a draw with Omar and Oz.

Scotty lets out contestants know – it’s Kitchen week next week.


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