American Gigolo Review

American Gigolo Review

This week, Stan unveils the highly anticipated American Gigolo.

The American gigolo in question is Jullian Kaye (Jon Bernthal ), who we meet 15 years after he’s arrested for the murder of Janet Homkes. Jullian swears his innocence and is eventually exhonerated, and now faces the challenge of picking up the pieces of his life and reconciling his escort past with the man he is today.

After visiting his mother Maryanne (Melora Walters), who he shared a complicated relationship with, Jullian sets out to make a new path by reconnecting with former lover Michelle (Gretchen Moll). But Michelle’s life now includes her husband Richard (Leland Orser), a self-made tech billionaire, and their son Colin.

Jullian soon finds himself back in the orbit of Isabelle (Lizzie Brocheré), who he grew up with, but in the time he’s been in prison, she’s grown to be the successor to large, profitable ring of sex workers, and Lorenzo (Wayne Brady), who has been Jullian’s best friend, roommate and mentor since they first met in 1993.

Meanwhile, Detective Sunday (Rosie O’Donnell) is haunted by the one case she got wrong 15 years ago. She has sacrificed her personal life for the job and now nothing will stop her from finding the truth about who really killed Janet.

Written by David Hollender, the first two episodes screened for this review do a great job at hooking the viewer with enough insight into Jullian before he was sent to prison and the journey we find him on now.

Jon Bernthal is just the right amount of charming as Jullian and will draw you in with a charismatic performance, while Gretchen Moll also shines as Michelle. But overall, there isn’t a bad performance in this cast.

This compelling drama is one that is sure to please.

3 stars

American Gigolo premieres on September 10 on Stan with new episodes dropping weekly.


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