The Amazing Race Australia begins in October

10 has confirmed The Amazing Race Australia will begin in three weeks time and with that, we have our first look at three of the teams taking part.

When running The Amazing Race Australia you need to pack a few things. Passport? Check. Fast shoes? Check. Travelling bestie? Check. God? For Judy and Therese, nuns from Missionaries of God’s Love Sisters, that’s a resounding CHECK!   

Forget relying on technology and speaking broken LOTE, the nuns believe that the kindness of strangers and praying when lost is definitely the way to go.

While other teams coordinate cute outfits each day to fall in sync with each other, Judy and Therese have been doing this for years and know they’ll be side by side each step of the way. 

Racing against 10 other teams in the hopes of scoring the $250,000 cash prize, the nuns will call on the man upstairs as their secret weapon. But will it work?  



Femi and Nick are ready to travel the world, and get lost together when The Amazing Race Australia comes to 10.


These childhood friends and psychiatric nurses are used to working in a high-pressure, fast-paced environment – a skill that will no doubt come in handy in any Race situation – except when navigating a stationary camel.


These friends don’t stop and won’t stop. When they’re not in scrubs, they’re busy whipping clients into shape at their personal training business.


Cool, calm and collected, the boys believe they can take a logical approach to the Race and charm their way through the rest. Good luck charming a compass fellas!

Fingers crossed true North will lead them to the $250,000 prize on The Amazing Race Australia.

Meet social media influencers Sid and Ash. This Bondi couple are prepared to break some commandments to win the Amazing Race.

There’s no denying Sid and Ash enjoy the finer things in life. From fine dining to luxurious holidays and endless upgrades, this lavish lifestyle comes at a cost, and what better way to bankroll it than taking out the winning title?

As former elite swimmers, the fashion-forward couple are used to hard work and early morning starts… and yes, those are his and hers Camilla outfits they’re wearing.

Get set to channel your inner Sid and Ash and knock back a glass of (very expensive) champagne when things begin


The Amazing Race Australia begins.Monday, 28 October At 7.30pm.