The Bachelorette reveals the bachelors

We have our first look at the bachelors vying for Angie Kent’s heart ahead of its launch on Wednesday.
















On her very own love safari to find her first true love, self-confessed bogan Bachelorette Angie Kent is looking for a man that makes her laugh…and share her love of dogs!

But the shape, size, age or hair colour of the man in this Bachelorette’s life is not important, it’s the size of his heart and personality that is.

When asked what she’s looking for in a man, Angie said: “Laughter and passion! I want a man just to laugh with, to share each other’s lives with. Just to be happy together.”

Joining Angie on her enchanting quest to find her Mr Right are 20 hilarious, quirky and equally handsome Bachelors from across Australia. This eclectic bunch of suitors, aged between 25 and 39, are ready to do whatever they need to win over Angie’s heart.

The diverse bunch of Bachelors after Angie’s affections include a Landscaper, Freediving Instructor, Refrigeration Mechanic, Mobile Zoo Owner, BMX Stunt Rider, Luxury Car Salesman, Aircraft Engineer, a local Politician and not one but two Firefighters. Could Angie’s Prince Charming be among these men?

And what is The Bachelorette Australia without a world first? Introducing the first ever 24-Hour Yellow Rose. The Bachelor who makes the strongest first impression on the opening night cocktail party will get an incredible advantage – the opportunity to spend 24 hours alone with Angie on the first single date. That’s a whole 24 hours to talk, laugh and really connect with Angie.

Catch all the romance, drama, tears and laughter as Angie begins her quest for love this Wednesday night on 10.