Tens Pilot Week kicks off with Skit Happens

Tens Pilot Week kicks off with Skit Happens

Ten’s long-anticipated Pilot week began last night with Skit Happens.

First off the rundown of what its about for those that didn’t see it.

Skit Happens is a return to classic Aussie sketch comedy with larger-than-life parodies, bursting with catchphrases, visual gags, stunt casting and funny sendups.

Prepare to discover Matt Preston’s biggest secret; meet Waleed Aly’s emergency stand-in; Sophie Monk’s latest reality franchise, “Cat Island”; and go behind the scenes of reality shows Married At First Sight and My Kitchen Rules.

Meet the biggest new characters: Juan the handyman, a ‘fridge whisperer’ whose aim is to liberate all the world’s whitegoods; Angelica, the bitter beauty blogger; the World’s Biggest Jockey who believes a conspiracy – and not his obesity –is stopping him from winning races; the Gap Year Girls, who are backpacking through Europe but are too afraid to leave their van; the Too Easy Plumber, who will unblock anything; plus, the enigmatic Rashid, aka ‘the Whispering Cabbie’.

Starring some of the nation’s top comedians including Vita Carbone, Heath Franklin, Jenna Owen, Neel Kolhatkar, Janis McGavin, Josh Glanc and Stuart Daulman, nothing is safe from a Skit Happens parody.

The positives of this series are that it includes a range of comedic talent that is well known to audiences and a few fresh faces. I applaud Ten for giving this a try but most of the jokes either went too long or weren’t very funny. In saying that though it was a solid effort from everyone involved.

Will Skitt Happens grace our screens again time will tell but it has potential.