Ten’s Pilot Week Disgrace

Ten’s Pilot Week Disgrace

Pilot Week delivered two shows last night so lets discuss the second Disgrace.

It is easy to become the most hated person in the country, but how does someone come back from a simple slip of the tongue, or taking some honest cash from a foreign government? Just ask Sam Dasyari – he is living it. Now he wants to share his insights with the nation.

Hosted by shunned politician Sam Dastyari and a panel of experts, Disgrace! will delve into the latest scandals and dissect how the professionals manage the outrage through opinions, insight and laughs.

The shows  opening panel consisted of host Sam Dastyar Becky Lucas, Stephanie Rice, Greg Baxter and “Intern” Pete Depple.

The positives Sam Dastyari was a little rough to start with but grow into the role of host as the show went along.  Becky Lucas bought some great conversation to each topic and i’m hoping if this proceeds to series that she is a regular fixture on the panel.  This has a lot of potential to become a regular fixture in Ten’s schedule with some tiny tweaks.

Disgrace is a fresh and engaging format that deserves a place in Ten’s 2019 schedule.