Block Guest Bedroom Reveal

Block Guest Bedroom Reveal

It’s been another hectic week on The Block so lets see who won Guest Bedroom week.

It’s 24 hours before Guest Bedroom Reveal. Bianca and Carla are continuing their signature timber panelling into the guest bedroom, this time in white. They have a huge day of construction ahead and carpet to installed. They won’t be able to start painting till the evening, it’s going to be a tight finish for these two. Across the Hall Norm and Jess have stayed up all hours painting so they can steel some time away from the Block today to see their kids.

Ex contestant Ronnie returns with Kerrie and Spence’s bonus 1+ gnome. Earlier Jess played a prank on Kerrie and Spence, sending it on holiday to Perth. He graciously shared holiday pictures of himself on a beach with Kerrie and Spence. When it came time to reveal all the couple’s rooms, jess worried her prank would look like sabotage. Ronnie is a Perth local and Jess flew him over to courier the gnome back. Not one to waste an airfare, Jess puts Ronnie to work while his in town.

Keith and Dan visit Hans to chat about his warped ceiling. Hans is fast asleep, after staying up most of the night painting. Despite their ceiling issue Hans forged ahead accepting bad feedback was inevitable at judging. The reno rookies thought it was impossible to fix before reveal. In Hans absence Keith and Dan inspect the ceiling closely, realising it hasn’t been constructed correctly and wouldn’t meet building code practices. They tell Hans, who is heartbroken. Keith brainstorms a way to get it fixed before revel and tells Hans he’ll have to do what it takes to get it across the line. Hans agrees, Keith and Dan rip down the ceiling,while emotional Hans watches all his hard work come crashing down

Courtney and Hans may not be the only couple at risk of not finishing this week. Bianca and Carla, have the largest square meterage and no paint on their walls yet. They planned to spray and can’t, as their trades are still working in the space. They decide to ditch the spray gun for a roller so they can work around their trades. Hans needs a new ceiling and reaches out to Norm for plasterer’s details. It just so happens Norms hired help, Ronnie is a plaster by trade. Norm allows Ronnie to leave their room and help Hans. Norm also jumps in to help as well. Little does Hans know, this could cost Norm his planned visit with the kids. Comradery continues as Hayden lends Hans his plasterers and Spence gives him his sound screen.

Sara’s rendered feature wall is complete, and she is very happy with it. ‘It looks a million bucks and if Shaynna doesn’t like it, I’m quitting’. Jess has bought a secret weapon, an expensive artwork by iconic artist David Bromley. Norm thinks he has a secret weapon also. Alexa – voice automated lighting in their guest bed. Courtney arrives back from shopping and realises how much work has gone into their newceiling. The plaster needs to dry before they can sand and paint it, an unconfident Courtney does a dress rehearsal of her styling outside the room in preparation.

All teams are working the night before revel,three teams putting the finishing styling touches on. Bianca and Carla are still painting, Courtney and Hans still waiting for plaster to dry, then have to paint.

On the morning of guest bedroom reveal some Blockheads have managed to get sleep last night. Two teams haven’t been so lucky – The girls and Courtney and Hans. Scott Calls tools down and meets the teams at headquarters. He asks the group Kerrie and Spence’s 1+ point gnome is? Jess brings him out and returns it to them. Now it’s time for Judges feedback.

Kerrie and Spence. The judges were keen to see which advice you went with after your meeting with them. Darren (aka Mr Joinery) loved your library as did Neale, however he found the bedroom part of the room claustrophobic. They advised against a bedhead and recommended using wallpaper, you chose to still have a bedhead and it makes the room feel even smaller. Shaynna loves the colours you have used, and Darren feels your styling gives the perception of luxury. Neale thinks it’s nice but lacks wow factor. They all loved the walk-in robe cabinetry. They want you to display more warmth, spirit and soul with your styling.

Score 23/30

Courtney and Hans week was a catastrophe and from the ashes they have risen. The concrete finish wardrobe and colour pallet was loved by all judges, in particular the nude. Shaynna liked how you styled the bed and Darren loved your St Kilda appropriate artwork. Lack of styling on the bedside let them down as did the choice of pendant light for Neale. The room is slightly undercooked and adding a sheer across the wall would add the luxe factor. They can sense your lacking confidence and you shouldn’t be. They want you to know, you’ve got the style and run with it.

Score 25.5/30

Hayden and Sara. Upon entry Darren commented on the lovely door handles and ceiling. Shaynna agreed the ceiling is a hero. Your execution and paintwork throughout the room is incredible. They liked the layout more than your below neighbours Kerrie and Spence as your room has more space. Unfortunately, that’s where it stopped for your judges today. The furniture and styling really let the room down. Neale found it boring, predictable and a bit dull, and by pairing it back you have created a soulless room similar to a basic display home. Proportions of the room didn’t work, the pendants over side tables too large and the bed not elevated enough with it missing feet.

Score 22.5/30

Norm and Jess. The judges were literally gushing when they entered your room today. Darren squealed “lush” and Neale proclaimed, “the lux factor has just shot up” They all loved the vibrant colour pallet and big green bedhead. Shaynna loved the wall sconces but was concerned they wouldn’t give enough light for reading and couldn’t locate both the light switches and power points from the bed. This is a functionality issue, placing style over substance. They loved the cabinetry and drapery and your execution was of a high standard.


Bianca and Carla. Neale said, “I have one word for this room and its hallelujah, someone has finally given us a room that feels modern, luxurious glamorous and on brief” Your wall lights and floating, under lit bedside tables are beautiful, and the colour pallet on point. Neale said “if I was checking into a luxury hotelin St Kilda tonight, this is what I would Expect to see. The room tells a story and sells the dream. The execution of your painting and some finishes, was the only let down in the room. Underneath the bedsides was not painted.

Score 26/30

Bianca and Carla win guest bedroom week, taking home a $10,000 cash prize from Volkswagen