Picnics, Pizza Parties And Photoshoots as Bachelor dates begin

Picnics, Pizza Parties And Photoshoots as Bachelor dates begin

Nick Cummins sent the Bachelorettes hearts fluttering as the single dates began last night.

As the Bachelorettes settled into the Bachelor Mansion, they were sent into a frenzy when Osher arrived holding the first single date card of the season. Victoria based Car Care Consultant Shannon, was the lucky lady chosen for the exclusive date, after Nick was impressed with her grounded, genuine soul.

The duo set out on a scenic helicopter ride before being winched down to a secluded beach for a picnic. A shaky Shannon overcame her fear of heights and sought comfort and safety in Nick’s arms as they were lowered into the water.

Once safely on the beach, Nick cooked Shannon lunch and the pair got to know each other on a deeper level by opening up about their past relationships, goals and the painful reason Nick does not drink coffee.

With undeniable chemistry between them, Nick and Shannon cuddled up on the beach, before Nick offered her a rose. They shared a hug, but not a kiss, as Shannon was set on saving that that for the second date.

On her return to the mansion, Shannon walked into a room full of Bachelorettes waiting for her. Cat did not waste any time asking Shannon whether she kissed Nick, and the group were happy to hear she did not.

Aleksandra, Vanessa Sunshine, Christina, Alisha, Brooke, Cat, Romy, Sophie, Cass and Cayla were chosen for the first group date of the season. They arrived to find Nick and Osher, standing with News Limited’s Chief Entertainment Writer Jonathon Moran, who told the Bachelorettes they were going to be involved in a photoshoot for the Daily Telegraph newspaper.

The shoot was themed around all of Nick’s passions, with the first group dressing up as an 80’s rock band. Aleksandra, Romy, Cass and Christina joined Nick on stage and posed alongside him, with Cass jumping at the opportunity to get extra close.

Next up was Vanessa Sunshine and Brooke, who dressed up as firefighters to demonstrate Nick’s passion for helping others. Brooke was lucky enough to share an intimate moment in Nick’s arms, with an unhappy Vanessa Sunshine looking on from the side line.

Cayla, Alisha and Cat went back to school for their shoot. Cat and Alisha dressed in school girl outfits, while Cayla dressed up as the teacher. Cat stole the show and dominated the shoot by getting nice and close to Nick.

Sophie was selected to do yoga with Nick, to represent his love for fitness.  She was lucky enough to have one-on-one time with him, while the other Bachelorettes looked on with jealousy.

Back at the mansion, Nick surprised the Bachelorettes by arriving unannounced and whisking Romy off on a romantic single date.

Nick took Romy to Manly and introduced her to his Uncle Mike, who owns an Italian restaurant. They had a lot of fun making homemade pizzas, before they sat down and indulged in their hard work. Nick presented Romy with a rose and she thanked him with multiple kisses.

Creating a stir among the other Bachelorettes, Romy and Nick entered the cocktail party handin-hand.  Romy took great pleasure in telling the others about her day, and drama followed when Romy kissed Nick again, in front of everyone, at the cocktail party.

At the rose ceremony, Juliana and Renee failed to receive a rose.