Ten’s Pilot Week Drunk History

Ten’s Pilot week continued with a local version of Drunk History last night.

Rhys Darby and Stephen Curry pour themselves a drink in the international hit comedy format that takes Australia’s rich, and often surprising history and re-tells it in a hilarious, skewed and left-field version.

Rhys Darby is one of New Zealand’s greatest ever comedic exports, and the perfect person to tell the story of Australia’s most beloved race horse because, as he constantly reminds viewers, Phar Lap was in fact born in New Zealand.

Stephen Curry is one of Australia’s most loved comedy actor, opting for beer when retelling the story of our notorious criminal, Ned Kelly.

Prepare to learn and laugh as a stellar Aussie cast led by Gyton Grantley as Ned Kelly and Ryan “Fitzy” Fitzgerald as Phar Lap, reenact these iconic happenings.

This pilot at 30 minutes was just the perfect length. Rhys Darby and Stephen Curry were great in their roles as storytellers. There was nothing to fault here. Mark my words Drunk History will find a place in Ten’s 2019 schedule