Ten Announce This Week Live

Ten Announce This Week Live

Network Ten  announces it has commissioned a new studio-based, one-hour, topical chat show, This Week Live.

Premiering on Wednesday, July 24, at 9.30pm, on TEN, This Week Live is a live, weekly look at the world through the eyes of our best comedians.
Dave Thornton, Tommy Little, Tom Gleeson and Meshel Laurie will take the week in news, sport and show business and shake it up until the funny falls out. It is a simple formula: get four of the country’s funniest, give them a hot studio and let them go.

Joined by special guests each week and featuring myriad live crosses and sketches, This Week Live will find the funny in even the slowest news week.

Dave Thornton said: “The other night I got drunk on EBay and purchased a second hand life size robotic dinosaur from @clive_palmer_yolo, so I really need this cash. Hopefully this is a great stepping stone to accomplishing my dream of playing a goofy medical intern in Offspring.”

Tommy Little said: “I’ve never had a job so I’m just excited about having a desk and a car space, getting to create a show with the three funniest people in the country is a bonus, I guess.”

Tom Gleeson said: “I’m 39 and bald. I don’t belong on television but someone’s paying me to do it, so I’ll turn up. I’m excited about this show because it’s live. I can say whatever I want, and then a million people hear it. TEN isn’t excited about this.”

Meshel Laurie said: “I’m cautiously optimistic that a Christmas Party car pool with Ita Buttrose is now a very real possibility for me. I’m humbly stoked.
“It is my dearest wish that with the launch of our comedy program we may relieve some of the suffering felt by Australians during Dry July.”

Network Ten, Chief Programming Officer, Beverley McGarvey, said: “We are delighted to once again work with Craig Campbell and Kevin Whyte. They are the best in the business when it comes to producing a comedy format.

“This Week Live promises to be a unique and hugely entertaining show which will guarantee more than a few laughs, and probably raise some eyebrows.”

This Week Live will premiere live on Wednesday, July 24, at 9.30pm on TEN.

it is Created and produced by Craig Campbell (Executive Producer of The Project and Rove Live) and Kevin Whyte (Token/Guesswork Television), This Week Live will be filmed in Network Ten’s Melbourne studios in front of a live studio audience


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