The Block Sky High Final Room Reveal

The Block Sky High Final Room Reveal

It’s finally here the final room reveal of The Block……….. Well the inside anyway.

Because it’s the final week inside the contestants will play for a week off at Lizard Island.

With 24 hours to go the Twins are debating the colour of the celling. Alisa dislikes the colour and thinks they need to sand it back to get it back to its original colour.

However upon doing so it turns out white and it turns out that the chair they were trying to match it to worked better before the celling was sanded.

Due to wining the challenge this week Bec and George were able to hire trades so their terrace will be completed. While Madi and Jarrod have no money so the terrace will be simple with an outdoor kitchen at one end and a Mediterranean lounge at the other. Jarrod has even knocked up his own cabinet for his BBQ. Jhonno and Trixie have a glassed in Zen rock garden as their secret weapon

Matt and Kim are splitting there terrace into 3 spaces an outdoor kitchen, entertainment space and dining area. However they are having trouble getting the table to fit due to the position of the doors.

The twins have finally decided after consultation with their builder to sand back the celling with only 3 hours left till tools are down for the day.  They just mange to do it now it has to be coated and that will mean an all-nighter.

Matt and Kim have lashed out and have a retractable projector and other modern things like the I pad that will turn the lights on and off.

As night falls Keith brings al contestants food and a late night is made much more bearable. As morning comes the twins are delirious. While Bec and George’s plasterer comes back to finish off the terrace. Johnno’s table which he created has just arrived and it weighs a ton.

Over the last 2 hours all teams are busily preparing both their terraces and fix up rooms as always though they manage to complete it just in time. All teams have now completed the interior of the block.

The teams arrive back at Scotty’s workshop we discover that matt and Kim are dressed as Elmo and cookie monster respectively. Over the course of 8 weeks the contestants have done 75 rooms.

First up for judging are the redo rooms and the twins. It’s much better than before according to Darren Neale says they made it more modern while Shaynna calls it one of the most sellable houses of some time. On their terrace Neale says it has a nice feel and the outdoor kitchen is superb. They do however not like the timber artwork. Shaynna says they should take it up as a career.

Kim and Matts redo room. The judges love it and the amount of effort is appreciated. Shaynna says the apartment has a lot of soul and whoever buys it has received a gift. On the terrace the judges call it incredible and it has a penthouse feel. They loved the fire place and I pad and the projector.

On level 3 Bec and George’s study room which is now neater and feels twice the size. The terrace with a bench with the view is great idea. Shayna says they have the market spot on.

Madi and Jarrod’s foyer is still considered a work in progress the judges agree it needs a wow factor. The terrace is loved for its tiles and it feels peaceful. They used there bedhead as a pot holder. They also loved Jarrod workmanship and the fact that it was pulled off on a tight budget.

Trixie and Johnno’s dressing room is called a huge improving but they lost their heart and soul. The judges couldn’t open to the terrace and the judges aren’t impressed it is called uninviting. They tell them to go look at other terraces.

Here are their scores. The scores go from Darren, Shaynna and Neale for each contestant.

TRIXIE & JOHNNO: 5, 6, 5 = 16

MADI & JARROD: 8, 8, 8.5 = 24.5

BEC & GEORGE: 8.5, 9, 9 = 26.5

KIM & MATT: 9, 10, 10 = 29

ALISA & LYSANDRA: 9, 9.5, 8.5 = 27

This means that matt and Kim have a won a few days at Lizard Island.

The teams have also got another energy star and are just one star away from achieving the energy star goal. Next week the contestants will team up to finish the exterior rooftop terrace and the foyer. They will have a $50,000 budget which Trixie will look after.


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