MasterChef Heaven and Hell Week July 7-11

MasterChef Heaven and Hell Week July 7-11

This Week Masterchef Delivers a week of pleasure and pain as 14 become 12 .

Sunday 7 July, 7.30pm

In tonight’s Mystery Box challenge, the 14 remaining contestants are divided into pairs. Each team is given the choice to cook from one of two Mystery Boxes, Heaven or Hell, one containing nine of the judge’s favourite ingredients, and the other containing the recipe for Adriano Zumbo’s macaron tower of terror. Whatever choice each team makes, they will all have to face the judges, who will decide whether their dishes are heavenly enough to save them, or hellish enough to send them to the purgatory of the elimination challenge tomorrow.


Monday 8 July, 7.30pm

Four contestants face a hellish two-round elimination challenge tonight onMasterChef Australia. Joined by The European’s chef Ian Curley, in round one all four face off to make steak tartar by taste alone, and a devil fart cracker (pumpernickel lavosh crackers). The contestants who produce the two worst dishes will compete in round two to be saved. The second challenge is to create the heavenly bombe Alaska dessert, with the contestant who made the least delectable dish leaving the MasterChef Australiakitchen for good.


Tuesday 9 July, 7.30pm

Tonight on MasterChef Australia, the group is divided into two teams and between them must prepare a banquet for 70 diners using ingredients that represent the Seven Deadly Sins. The teams will face the wrath of the judges, with the losing team heading into tomorrow’s elimination challenge.

Wednesday 10 July, 7.30pm

It is the last supper tonight on MasterChef Australia, with the losing team from Tuesday night’s Seven Deadly Sins competing to save themselves from elimination. The sinful seven are told to imagine their lives flashing before their eyes and to distil those key moments into a single dish. Their souls on a plate for the judges to devour… a true representation of who they are and encapsulating those key moments in their life. It’s the last supper in more ways than one, with one contestant exiled from the competition.


Thursday 11 July, 7.30pm

On tonight’s MasterClass one of Melbourne’s best known chefs, Paul Wilson, shows us a tradition Mexican mole with lamb cutlets. The judges have their pride at stake and pit their skills against each other in creating one of the most sinful desserts ever – chocolate mousse. In keeping with the Heaven and Hell theme, Gary, a self-confessed chilli-fiend, takes the opportunity to demonstrate the versatility of the dangerously delicious and humble chilli. Matt, with a likeness to Lucifer, makes a heavenly no-bake cheesecake that’s devilishly simple.

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