Temptations lead to OG alliance’s demise  

Temptations lead to OG alliance’s demise  

Last night on Big Brother, Tim and Estelle’s frosty relationship exposed cracks in the OG alliance, while Dave and Reggie tried hard to keep their own alliance together.  

As Drew and Aleisha were planning their revenge in the mainframe, Big Brother revealed their fate would depend on three housemates succumbing to temptations in the house task. 

Following Johnson, Reggie and Tim giving in to temptation, Drew and Aleisha made a return that  shocked the house and shifted the balance of power toward the newbies.

During the Head of House vote, Tim’s open betrayal of his alliance led to Johnson being crowned the new Head of House.

In a gruelling nominations challenge, the housemates hung on to slanted ramps, gripping handles at the top while the angle of the ramps slowly got steeper. Intruder Brenton held on to secure the win, giving him the power to execute his cut-throat plan. 

Brenton made one of the biggest moves in the game by nominating three iconic Big Brother royalty: Dave, Estelle and Reggie. 

With emotions running high at the eviction ceremony, the housemates said goodbye to one of the most beloved players, Dave, leaving the OGs shell shocked.

“It was the greatest honour to sit in those three seats with two people that I adore, love and respect. I love being an OG, there is something about it that makes you so proud yet so connected and such a big part of history in Australia”, Dave said.


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