Celebrities get Social Media Savy

Celebrities get Social Media Savy

Our celebrities arrive at a building worksite. Ronnie is thrilled as he suspects he’ll be able to utilise some of his tradie skills in today’s task. However, Janine explains the task today is about utilising social media. The celebs will have to conceive, script, shoot and edit a short form piece of content inspired by social media influencers – The Inspired Unemployed who will be judging the task.

Amy volunteers to be Project Manager of Innovate. Her team has an advantage as they have professional comedian Jean who should be able to write humourous content, however Turia takes over and wants the video to be about the worksite is about celebrities who have failed careers and have to become tradies. Jean and Benji do not think it’s funny or relatable. Throughout the day Jean tries to make suggestions on how to inject humour into the content but Turia and Amy don’t listen to her.

Darren is Collaborate’s Project Manager. Initially there is tension between him and Ronnie following the previous Boardroom where the two locked horns. However, after Darren apologises, the two are able to work together on an idea for a video about Australian slang words ending in “O”. Although Ronnie doesn’t think Darren’s idea is funny, he thinks it’s crazy.

Just before the Boardroom, Amy invites Benji to an impromptu game of pool where she does her best to encourage him to form an alliance with her as she sees him as her greatest threat. However, Benji isn’t interested in starting an alliance and thinks Amy’s approach is very deceiving.

In the Boardroom Lord Sugar is not impressed by Innovate’s video. Nick says The Inspired Unemployed thought their video lacked direction and the narrative was all over the place.

The Inspired Unemployed was pleased with Collaborate’s video however thought some of their shots and editing could have been better.

The winning team is Team Collaborate. They go into the Breakout room leaving Amy, Benji, Turia and Jean to battle it out for their place in the competition.

Innovate Project Manager Amy chooses Benji and Turia to take to the Boardroom. Lord Sugar fires Turia.


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