Ramsay Street Gets a New Family

Ramsay Street Gets a New Family

It’s been a long time coming, but the Rodwell family is finally bound for No. 26 Ramsay Street.

For those who haven’t checked in on Erinsborough for a while, police sergeant Andrew Rodwell (Lloyd Will) and his bar manager wife Wendy (Candice Leask) first expressed interest in buying a new home on the street back in May, and tonight we finally see them make the big move into Number 26 with their teenage daughter Sadie (Emerald Chan).

However, there’s a little tension in the air as a result of Sadie’s involvement in starting the first at Erinsborough High earlier this year. The fire saw Zara (Freya Van Dyke) blamed and Hendrix (Benjamin Turland) diagnosed with a serious lung condition known as pulmonary fibrosis.

To ease the tension with their new neighbours, the Rodwell’s host a welcoming barbeque. But in typical Neighbours fashion, things do not go entirely to plan. Will the family be able to move forward and find their place in the community, or will they be searching for a new house away from Ramsay Street?

Written by Jo Zantuck and Holly Tassi, the episodes introduce a fresh family unit to the hood and it’s clear the Rodwell clan will be a breath of fresh drama in the show’s final weeks. Also huge props to Benjamin Turland and Georgie Stone for commanding the screen as the Hendrix story develops in a big way.

Neighbours airs double episodes 6:30pm Monday-Thursday on 10Peach.


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