Swifty Fifty To Nifty Nothing.

Swifty Fifty To Nifty Nothing.

They are an elite team of investigators with state-of-the-art tracking technology. They’ve got drones, helicopters and dogs, but what they don’t have is $100,000 on the line. Sadly for Angie, the last remaining fugitive from team Swifty Fifty, her chance at bagging the loot is over after her emotional capture on tonight’s real life thriller, Hunted.

Following her teammate Michelle’s capture in Geelong, Angie was en-route back to Melbourne with her friend Jacque. While Angie felt stressed about the prospect of continuing without Michelle, her personal motivation kept her moving forward. Angie longed to walk in the footsteps of her late father to better understand his time as a member of the infamous Richardson crime gang of London.

Jacque dropped Angie off at Flinders Street Railway Station, but with the ability to track Jacque’s phone, HunterHQ deployed Team Charlie to canvass the busy train station. Angie narrowly made it onto a train to Box Hill and headed to the home of her friend, Stella. 

Having captured Fugitive Michelle earlier, Team Delta searched through her bags, finding a notebook with a Box Hill address in it. Using CCTV at Flinders Street, the Hunters traced Angie’s Myki travel card to Box Hill and predicting Angie may be headed to the address in Michelle’s notebook, deployed Team Charlie to the home.

After canvassing the perimeter, Team Charlie discovered movement inside the house which led to the capture of an emotional Angie who had nowhere to run.

With one team now captured, 16 Fugitives remain on the run


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