ESPN Films’ documentary series The Captain Broadcast Schedule

ESPN Films’ documentary series The Captain Broadcast Schedule

ESPN Films’ latest documentary series The Captain will provide an intimate look into the life of New York Yankees and Major League Baseball legend Derek Jeter, across a special seven-part feature.

‘The Captain’ will debut on Tuesday July 19 at 12pm AEST, with Episode One immediately following the MLB All Star Home Run Derby, on ESPN.

Directed by Emmy-winner Randy Wilkins the seven-episode series provides an extraordinary portrait of the Yankee captain’s life and career on and off the baseball field.

Jeter was the face of the New York Yankees, a five-time World Series champion, the most popular and admired player in baseball, and one of the great sports superstars of any age. 

The Captain tells the story of Derek Jeter’s life and Hall of Fame career in a seven-part docu-series that’s anchored by exclusive, extensive, unprecedentedly candid interviews with Jeter, along with his family and dozens of teammates, rivals, and observers. 

“We set out on a journey to discover the man behind the iconic Yankees number 2 jersey,” said Wilkins.

“The series gives insight into a hall of fame baseball career, but more importantly, we reveal a person who sits at multiple intersections of American culture. The Captain is a story about race, media, celebrity culture, and the insatiable drive to be the best version of yourself.”

The series features interviews with Jeter, his mother and father Dorothy and Dr. Charles Jeter, his sister Sharlee Jeter, his wife, Hannah Jeter, Roger Clemens, Tino Martinez, Andy Pettitte, Jorge Posada, Willie Randolph, Mariano Rivera, Alex Rodriguez, CC Sabathia, Darryl Strawberry, Joe Torre, Bernie Williams, as well as hip hop artists Fat Joe and Jadakiss, among many others.

Episode Synopsis:

  • Episode 1: Jeter’s upbringing as a bi-racial kid in the Midwest and his journey to the major leagues. This episode features never before seen footage of Jeter getting drafted by the Yankees.
  • Episode 2: Jeter has an instant impact on the Yankees as he captures a title in his first season as a pro. This catapults him to superstardom but fame comes with a price. Jeter reveals the privileges and perils of fame. But through it all, Jeter becomes a leader on a team that is considered by many to be the greatest in the history of the game, the 1998 Yankees.
  • Episode 3: The importance of loyalty and trust to Jeter as the Yankees cap off a three peat beating the New York Mets, and his friendship with Alex Rodriguez is changed.
  • Episode 4: The Yankees Dynasty ends and we explore 9/11’s impact on New York. The Yankees and Boston Red Sox’s ancient blood feud is decided in an epic Game 7. Team dynamics change with the addition of new players and personalities.
  • Episode 5: The Yankees and Jeter suffer the most historic loss in baseball history. Jeter’s identity is under attack as he faces challenges in the press, on the field and in his clubhouse.
  • Episode 6: Jeter wins his 5th and final World Series and celebrates his 3000th hit, but it’s not all smooth sailing for this aging superstar. As his career begins to come to an end, he goes through a very public and difficult contract negotiation that changes his relationship with the Yankees. For the first time ever, Jeter’s wife Hannah gives us the backstory of their relationship and a behind the scenes look at Jeter’s recovery from a career altering injury.
  • Episode 7: Jeter and Hannah share intimate details of their difficult journey on the way to parenthood. Jeter achieves another dream by becoming the owner of the Miami Marlins, but his journey is fraught with criticism and unfinished business

The series is executive produced by Spike Lee, Mike Tollin, Mandalay Sports Media, Excel Sports Management’s media arm Excel Media, and Connor Schell, in association with The Players’ Tribune and Major League Baseball.

The debut schedule is as follows:

Tuesday July 19
12pm AEST, The Captain: Episode 1, ESPN (Premiere)
7pm AEST, The Captain: Episode 1, ESPN (Primetime Premiere)

Friday July 22
11am AEST, The Captain: Episode 2, ESPN (Premiere)
8pm AEST, The Captain: Episode 2, ESPN (Primetime Premiere)

Friday July 29
12pm AEST, The Captain: Episode 3, ESPN (Premiere)
1pm AEST, The Captain: Episode 4 , ESPN(Premiere)
7pm AEST, The Captain: Episode 3, ESPN (Primetime Premiere)
8pm AEST, The Captain: Episode 4, ESPN (Primetime Premiere)

Friday August 5
12.30pm AEST, The Captain: Episode 5, ESPN2 (Premiere)
1.30pm AEST, The Captain: Episode 6, ESPN2 (Premiere)
7pm AEST, The Captain: Episode 5, ESPN (Primetime Premiere)
8pm AEST, The Captain: Episode 6, ESPN (Primetime Premiere)

Friday August 12
1pm AEST, The Captain: Episode 7, ESPN2 (Premiere)
8pm AEST, The Captain: Episode 7, ESPN (Primetime Premiere)


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