Beauty and The Geek Delivers Action

Beauty and The Geek Delivers Action

It’s a new day, and after being paired for the first time our Beauties are keen to get to know their Geeks. Aimee visits Alex and they bond over plants and a love of cats. Michael reflects on being paired with Tara and cannot believe how lucky he is, while Sophie pays Jason a visit to boost his self-esteem with an affirmation session and a serenade.

For the first challenge, Sophie brings out her big guns and surprises them all with an action script full of fire, flying and high drama. Anthony and Tegan must jump across fire, but Anthony is scared to try. It takes help and teamwork from Tegan to get him to jump – and he nails it. Michael and Tara bond and perform well with loads of chemistry, while Chris and Bri ad lib some lines and nail the stunt – which blows Sophie away and makes them the winners of the challenge. 

While Chris and Bri are on their date, Sam gets a visit from his Beauty, Angelique. They connect over how they bring out the silliness in each other, and something is starting to blossom.

At the next mixer, the Beauties and Geeks come dressed as their favourite animal for a night of fun at the Marquee nightclub. Most of our Geeks have never been to a club before, so it’s a brand new experience. Sophie has her eye on her current pairings to see if any new connections form, and it seems like Aimee and Jayden are bonding over being bullied in school. Tara and Michael continue to connect and grow closer, but Sam and Angelique are getting nervous about the possibility of being re-paired.

At the re-pairing ceremony Sophie keeps a lot of pairs together but rematches Jayden with Aimee, Alex with Sophie, Jason with Heidi, and Nate with Emily.


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