Survivor tribes merge as the endgame begins

Survivor tribes merge as the endgame begins

Tribes are no more and Geroge continues to be brilliant at gameplay.

Jonathan delivered the joyous news that it was time for Merge. Shortly after, the first Individual Reward Challenge was underway, seeing Castaways dig up a bag of sandbags and catapult them onto poles. Landing sandbags on two separate poles scored them a trip to the Reward Dining Table, with each Castaway indulging in their choice of burgers, pizza, baked potato or donuts.

After the Challenge, fun and frivolity ensued as the newly-formed tribe settled into their new campsite. But it was short lived, with members soon realising that old Brawn are well outnumbered by old Brains.

At the Immunity Challenge, the Castaways announced their new name; Fire Tribe, and Jonathan revealed the Outback’s hottest new accessory, the Individual Immunity necklace. In this challenge, Survivors were tasked with holding a bar over their head to stop a ball rolling down a shoot. After 42 excruciating minutes, Andrew dropped his ball, leaving Emmett to secure the coveted Individual Immunity. 

Back at Camp, Emmett tried to keep his eight-person alliance happy, by deciding to vote for Laura. As the proven double agent that he is, George was keen to spill the beans (or should we say lentils). As he tried to cover his secret chat with Hayley, the OG Brawns noticed a rock out of place in their river. As Kez took off to investigate, she found an Idol.

While George seemed to play ball, Hayley was wasn’t so sure she could trust him. She knew she was either going to lose an Idol, or an alliance member.

During Tribal Council, Hayley used her Idol for Laura, leaving the original Brawns frustrated that their votes would no longer count. After Laura’s name was burned, Kez’s name appears, sending her home with more votes than Dani.

As she said her final goodbye, Kez slipped her hidden Immunity Idol to Flick. With no one none the wiser, the Idol dangerously continues in play.


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