The Voice’s big question

The Voice’s big question

Tonight on The Voice, tears and triumphs continued as more incredible voices saw the coaches competing to build blockbuster teams full of talent.

Everyday Aussies from all walks of life including a flight attendant and a hairdresser took the stage, ready for a chance to change their lives forever.

Four artists inspired all four superstar coaches to turn their chairs, but the night belonged to lawnmower man Mick, who walked on stage to win the hearts of the coaches and, after a shock proposal, left with a new fiancé to boot.

Halimah Kyrgios also took to The Voice stage. Her brother may be a tennis star, but when Halimah served the coaches a Tina Arena classic, her audition was a clear ace.

Artist: Mick Harrington, 32 VIC
Song: Somewhere over the rainbow (Eva Cassidy)
Chair turns: Four
Coach: Jess

Mower man Mick’s audition enthralled the coaches and audience, but it was his post-performance question that had them in tears, proposing to his partner on stage. With a new fiancé, and new mentor, Mick’s life-changing moment on The Voice will not be forgotten.
Keith: “One of the things this show epitomises is that you cannot judge a book by its cover. There’s an absolute beauty in your voice and it’s all spirit. Its pure spirit.”
Jess: “This moment I know is going to change your life.”

Artist: Halimah Kyrgios, 31 ACT
Song: Chains (Tina Arena)
Chair turns: Four
Team: Rita

Trained in musical theatre, Halimah, the sister of tennis star Nick, acknowledged the pressure of forging her own identity. Her whole family, including Nick, joined via screen from Canberra to support Halimah’s make-or-break moment. Captivated by her megawatt voice, the coaches went into battle to mentor her.

Rita: “For me it had a lot of soul… you’ve got a great tone to your voice… I really am a fan of yours.”
Guy: “I feel like I haven’t heard a voice like that for a long time… you as a singer are so brilliant, as your brother is as an athlete.”

Artist: Kelly Matejcic, 31 SA
Song: Diamonds (Sam Smith)
Chair turns: Four
Team: Guy

Hairdresser Kelly used her audition to tap into the raw emotion of a recent heartbreak. Her performance left the coaches mesmerized, as Rita jumped up on stage to hug an emotional Kelly.
Keith: “You are real…you sang about something that really happened to you… you are so relatable, that’s a great gift and you have it.”
Guy: “I don’t think I’ve seen a crowd react to an audition the way they reacted to that.”

Artist: Jedial, 18 QLD
Song: Wonder (Shawn Mendes)
Chair turns: Four
Coach: Keith

Jedial works in a kebab shop but spends most of her time singing. The teenager had the all-star coaches enthralled with her voice and eager to secure her for their team.
Rita: “I honestly love how you know your voice already. That’s exciting for me”
Keith: “You’ve got a God-given talent, this beautiful voice and all you need is experience and we can do that, I especially can do that.”

Artist: Pete Murphy, 45 QLD
Song: Drivers License (Olivia Rodrigo)
Chair turns: Two (Guy and Jess)
Team: Jess

Pete declared his recent divorce and moving back in with his parents was “a reality check” but also an opportunity to pursue what he loves – singing.
Guy: “There’s no doubt your voice is powerful, it’s accurate, it’s dynamic… the biggest reason I hit my buzzer is I’m actually excited about challenging you.”
Jess: “You’re amazing. I loved every single bit of that.”

Artist: Tori Drake, 30 NSW
Song: The Middle (Zedd, Maren Morris & Grey)
Chair turns: None

Tori, a former full-time flight attendant, took the chance to pursue music after being stood down due to COVID-19. Unfortunately, song choice and nerves got the better of her, but Tori earned a standing ovation when she performed Stupid Boy with Keith after her audition.
Guy: “I can’t help but be a little heartbroken for you to be honest. There’s no way to sugar coat it except for I think it was just a bad gig for you, that audition, because I can hear someone better.”

Artist: Adrian Jemale, 21 VIC
Song: Billie Jean (Michael Jackson)
Chair turns: Four
Team: Rita
Adrian trains singing and dancing for three hours a day and is inspired by his brother who suffers from a rare neurological disorder.
Rita: “This isn’t about coming out on stage and being the best at everything straight away, this is a journey… and that’s why I love being on this show so thank you for that.”
Guy: “You have the most infectious spirit, so much joy.”


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