The Block 2021 Guest Bedroom Reveal

The Block 2021 Guest Bedroom Reveal

It’s been a big first week of The Block but whose Guest Bedroom reigns supreme.

It’s just after 6am on Saturday and all our couples – except Josh and Luke – are ready to go on their last day of their guest bedroom build.

The big question on The Block, where are Josh and Luke? They were last seen heading for Chapel Street for a night of dancing and drinking last night. Mitch is a bit worried about the boys as no one can get on to them.

Finally in a walk of shame they return to The Block around 10am. But they are both breathalysed by Keith and Dan, with Luke blowing .035 and Josh 0.17. They have to sit it out until they blow 0. They tell Keith and Dan because of their wet basement they got a hotel room after their night out, something that has never been done before.

Keith and Dan this year are doing defect reports. They go through all the houses. Ronnie and Georgia are pretty good, but all the other have a few defects.

Tanya and Vito in particular have lots of defects. They feel terrible, but they have to get rid of their builder. It’s a very emotional call, Tanya is in tears.

Meanwhile midway through the afternoon, Luke gets very sick. He says it’s food poisoning, he claims he ate an older burger and promptly got sick. He has to go to the hospital. Some of the other couples however think it’s just a bad hangover. He returns to The Block, and Tanya takes up the mother role.

On Sunday morning everyone ends up finishing their Guest Bedroom including Josh and Luke.

Scotty calls “Tools Down,” for the first time in Bronte Court, Hampton. It’s judging time.

Ronnie and Georgie spent $11,305: The judges loved the high ceilings. It was styled beautifully. Judges mention a bit of a problem with the positioning of the wardrobe, but other than that a beautiful room. A great start for Ronnie and Georgia.


Mitch and Mark spent $13,823,20: It had a nice softness to it, but generally the judges expected more from Mitch and Mark. They said the way it was built it felt claustrophobic and oppressively small. The desk was shoved in the corner. The candle was a fire hazard, Neale felt it was quite generic for Mitch and Mark, nothing grabbed him.

Score 22.5/30

Tanya and Vito spent $14,199.98: Shaynna loved the colours combination, a Moroccan style colour palette. The window could have been bigger. There was not enough storage. Lots of defects. Neil however thought the room had lots of personality and promise.

Score 23/30

Josh and Luke spent $20,722.80: The bi-fold windows were the real hero of the room. The glass Kinsman wardrobes divided the judges. Shaynna hated them.  It was a sexy, masculine room, much better than last week. The boys might surprise us this year on The Block.

Score 24/30

Kirsty and Jesse spent $14,757.58: It was a little bit coastal, a little bit country. They loved the soft blue tone. However they thought one side of the room was finished, while the other side needed some artwork or something to lift it up. The window opposite the bed needed to be bigger. They were impressed with the walk-in robe — no other Blockheads had done that. However, the styling needed to be more contemporary.

Score 23/30

So in week one, the winners are … Ronnie and Georgia. They are delighted, but Mitch and Mark are not happy.


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