Survivor shock exit sees a champion leave the game

Survivor shock exit sees a champion leave the game

Survivor last night had a shock exit but before we get to that let us debrief.

Both tribes had been quietly making pathways towards new alliances after another nail-biting Tribal Council saw Matt leave the game.

Suspecting Andy tried to throw the previous Immunity Challenge, David and Luke started plotting his demise via Baden.  Over in the Contenders camp, Dirty Harry decided to take the game by the horns and proposition an alliance with his biggest threat, the Godmother, Janine.

A massive obstacle course stood in front of the two tribes for the Immunity Challenge. Crossing a series of stepping poles, the Survivors then reached a rope swing. It was here that Ross took a big fall causing medics to be called in and he was removed from the challenge.

As Ross departed to receive medical attention, the challenge continued but unfortunately for his tribe, the Champions took out the win, resulting in the Contenders being sent to Tribal Council unsure if Ross would return to the game or not.

Back on the beach, the old Champions still had the numbers to vote out Harry. However, Janine and Pia began to consider the long game and how they could best get to the end. Weighing up that Simon is a big threat come merge, they set their sights on working with Dirty Harry and controversially taking out one of their own, Simon.

Abbey is shocked at the girls plan and doesn’t want to vote out her childhood hero. Harry is, of course thrilled with Janine and Pia’s pitch, as his plan has finally come to fruition and the three of them laugh as the Godmother, Dirty Harry and Pia, the smiling assassin, see if they can work together.

In a shock entrance, Jonathan brought Ross into the Contenders camp with an update on his injury. Due to the severity of the damage, Ross could no longer continue in the game and would travel home for medical treatment.

Joined by the Champions, all of the Survivors say an emotional farewell to Ross, one of the game’s biggest characters.

In his farewell speech to the castaways, Ross said: “It’s been nice knowing you, you’re all a bunch of really good people, or liars, I don’t know. But, sayonara. Good night. See you guys.”


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