Australia’s Got Talent reveals first grand final spots

Australia’s Got Talent reveals first grand final spots

It was a big night on Australia’s Got Talent as the first semi final was completed.

Fifteen-year-old singer, Olina Loau and 13-year-old warrior dancer, Sienna Osborne, are the first two acts through to the Grand Final.


The schoolgirl singer from Western Sydney was raised by her auntie and dad after her mum left with no explanation when she was nine.

“I have to be strong, I still got to just move on and keep going with my music,” Olina says. “Winning Australia’s Got Talent will change my dad’s life, my brother’s life, it will change all of our lives. It would be an amazing accomplishment to them and to me.”

Tonight, the now two-time Golden Buzzer girl performed Beyonce’s ‘Listen’ while standing barefoot in a shimmering pool of water.

  • Lucy Durack: “Olina you are exquisite, you could absolutely win this competition, you are a star!”
  • Nicole Scherzinger: “It’s one of the hardest songs to sing and child, literally child, it was so effortless for you. Your voice just soared. I’m blown away, seriously. I just wanted to say, because family is everything to me too, you are so blessed to have such an amazing auntie and father and, without a doubt, made them so truly proud tonight.”
  • Jess Mauboy: “Honestly bub, you are so epic. Your poise, your grace on stage, your infusion of your life story so far, it was absolutely incredible. You had me in tears and having such control in something and power in your story is everything. You absolutely owned that.”

SIENNA OSBORNE – Contemporary Dancer

Dancing is everything to this young contemporary dancer from Sydney’s Northern Beaches.

“Every second of every day, it’s all I think about,” Sienna says. “I train all year round, seven days a week because to be the best, there are no days off. You have to make sacrifices, but the early mornings, the injuries, the blisters, the pain, it’s all worth it. Dancing makes me feel alive.”

Tonight, her dramatic performance to ‘Unstoppable’ by E S Posthumus, which culminated with an epic splits jump off the top of a staircase, had Nicole claiming Sienna as her “other Golden Buzzer”.

  • Nicole: “I feel like you came here to kill and conquer and that’s exactly what you did tonight. I’m so proud of you!”
  • Lucy: “Sienna you are a breathtaking and energizing inspiration to every single person who just watched that.”
  • Jess: “You’re just like all kinds of spirit animal up there. The strength, the intensity that you brought to your show, thank you so much for gifting that to us.”

Also compeating were

FUNSIZE – Kids Dance Crew

  • Nicole: “What a funtastic way to kick off the Semi-Finals! You guys are just the cutest, I want to eat you all up.”
  • Lucy: “You absolutely stepped it up. I’m moments away from becoming a mum of a boy so your ‘I love my mum’ t shirts absolutely floored me.”
  • Manu Feildel: “I love the energy, I love your friendship, I think you have done fantastic tonight.”
  • Jess: “Absolutely extraordinary (sings it).”


  • Nicole: “That dog was smoking, like he’s literally smoking, is he ok? This act really warms my heart, I love that these animals have brought you two together, you seem like a very special couple. You are doing such beautiful things for these animals, rescuing them and flipping their lives around, literally.”
  • Manu: “What we want for the Grand Final is take it to the next level and I’m not sure you have done that today, I wanted a little bit more.”
  • Jess: “I’m a dog lover and I have a family dog at home and honestly, we can’t get him to do anything. He just loves eating and walking around, but that was epic, that was so grand to watch.”


  • Manu: “You’re doing so well, you’re going to have a career in this job mate.”
  • Jess: “Honestly brother, you did such a fantastic job. You are certainly a comedian, you had me cracking up like no tomorrow. You’re a star.”
  • Nicole: “This Drouin place kind of sounds like the place to be, I mean…I was going to say you going to take me sometime?”


  • Shane Jacobson: “Mate, I would pay to see that at a show in Vegas. You’re thrilling, that’s entertainment.”
  • Lucy: “I think I almost went into labour because it’s so shocking. You give us a sense of wonder and a sense of like high voltage entertainment, congratulations.”
  • Jess: “My dad is an electrician, so I know better than anyone how dangerous it is to come into contact with high voltage electricity. That honestly blew my mind, my hat’s off to ya.”


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