Seven sets The Proposal for Tuesdays

Seven sets The Proposal for Tuesdays

Seven has set its new dating series The Proposal for Tuesdays nights from next week.

This series is hosted by Luke Jacobz and consists of 8 episodes.

ow long is it before you know you want to spend the rest of your life with someone? A week? A month? How about an hour!

In each self-contained episode of The Proposal  the mystery suitor/suitress is hidden from sight in the ‘commitment ring’ with eight singles attempting to win their heart. The suitor/suitress can see the singles but the singles can’t see the suitor/suitress. After four elimination rounds, the final two singles will have the chance to propose marriage or be proposed to.
The romancing gets underway during the first impressions round when singles introduce themselves to the suitor/suitress declaring why they would make their perfect fiancé.
Personality quirks, jobs, interests, dreams, goals, pet hates and passions are offered up as the suitor/suitress learns more about their potential partner.

After meeting the eight singles, the mystery suitor/suitress has a tough decision – they must nominate six singles they would like to get to know better, sending two singles home immediately.
Next, the remaining six singles dare to bare their bodies (as little or as much as they choose) and souls on the beach date, revealing something deeply personal. At the end of this round, four singles are chosen to progress to the next round.

The third round explores ‘deal breakers’ – the hot topics that can make or break a relationship; sex, money, family and religion. The four remaining singles answer the mystery suitor/suitress’ most pressing and confronting questions before one single is asked to leave.

In the fourth round, the three singles strive to secure the all-important seal of approval from the mystery suitor/suitress’ most trusted family members and friends.  With the mystery suitor/suitress’ life-long happiness at stake, family and friends pull no punches covering off everything from finances to fidelity and baby plans! Only two singles will progress to meet the suitor/suitress face-to-face.
In a dramatic reveal, the two remaining singles finally see the suitor/suitress for the first time. The moment of truth has arrived, and a marriage proposal is presented. Will it be accepted?

Tuesday August 27 at 8:30pm on Seven