Survivor loses a great Contender

Survivor loses a great Contender

This season of Australian Survivor is shaping up to be a battle we won’t forget.

At the Contenders camp, Harry was desperate to find an Immunity Idol, knowing how badly the tribe want to eliminate him. His hard work paid off as he found a clue that led him to an Idol hidden in the wall of their shelter. And just like that, Harry was back on top.

At the Reward Challenge, there was an afternoon at the Survivor Pub up for grabs, complete with chicken parmigiana and beer. But in order to win, contestants had to walk out onto a beam blindfolded, untie a ring, jump into the water and throw the ring onto a buoy.

Nothing was going to stop John from smashing a parmy so he gave it his all and scored the Champions the winning point.

Harry’s luck continued and he was chosen to join the Champions at reward where Daisy, Shaun and Andy decided to throw the next challenge and send David or Luke home.

At the Immunity Challenge, the contestants had to race through an obstacle course, where they had to solve a combination lock to release a sledgehammer to smash through targets and solve a puzzle.

Andy and Baden were on the Champions puzzle where Andy did all he could to slow them down but unfortunately for Andy, Baden was too good and solved the puzzle, sending the Contenders back to Tribal Council.

At Tribal Council, Harry gave a passionate pitch to Simon and Ross to join him and Matt in voting out one of the girls which would ultimately further their game in the long run.

Before reading the votes, both Harry and Janine shocked the tribe by playing their Idols, making any votes against them void. The remaining votes were tied between Matt and Pia, forcing a re-vote.

In the end, the ex-Champions alliance stuck together and Matt was the eleventh person voted out of Australian Survivor: Champions V Contenders.