Australia’s Got Talent wraps up the auditions

Australia’s Got Talent wraps up the auditions

Australia’s Got Talent has completed the audition stage with the final golden buzzer going off last night.

Nicole Scherzinger was in tears as she awarded her Golden Buzzer to indigenous artist Mitch Tambo after his exhilarating performance of ‘Walanbaa’, an original song which blended his beautiful Gamilaraay language, yidaki (didgeridoo) and traditional dance with contemporary beats and rhythms.

The 29-year-old proud Gamilaraay/Birri Gubba man from Melbourne tried out for AGT to “show Australia and the world that our culture is alive, it’s well, it’s breathing and it deserves to be showcased and celebrated in 2019.”

“I really wanted to enter AGT to show our young people that you can use all the things that influence you in the contemporary world and in our ancient cultural world and put them together to celebrate who you are,” he said. “I’m here with the message it doesn’t matter where you come from, what walk of life or what nationality you are, be proud of who you are, be comfortable in your own skin, because you’re unique and you weren’t born to fit a mould.”

Tambo runs a cultural education business called True Culture which works across schools to teach Aboriginal history and share his culture.

Nicole: “I really don’t know what just happened to me right now. I felt like it was a warrior cry up there and I was like, ‘Oh my god he’s so fearless and he’s so brave and I want to be like him’. You really inspire me and I think you are a true, true representative of Australia’s beauty, culture and talent. You totally spoke to my soul and my spirit. That was so moving; you’re so deserving, you and your beautiful team. I genuinely loved it.”


  • Nicole: “You guys that was so hot, that was fire, that was muy caliente, that was everything.”
  • Shane: “Every single one of you gave 110 percent and it’s almost like you did it for each other as well as yourselves, well done.”
  • Lucy: “That was insanely good, so energetic but so precise.”
  • Manu: “Oh my god it must be difficult to get all of you doing exactly the same thing at the same time, that’s very impressive.”


  • Nicole: “In Hawaii, we have this word called ‘mana’. It means a supernatural power and that’s exactly what I just witnessed. I want to be a part of your tribe.”
  • Manu: “That was a feast for all the senses, unbelievable.”
  • Lucy: “Well historically in my career I have had a great love of green people, spending a lot of time in the Emerald City, but you were out of this world.”


  • Shane: “The thing about magic is to find new, interesting, entertaining ways to do it and you did that. That was a show and I was thrilled to be a part of it.”
  • Lucy: “That is the best magic I have ever seen.”
  • Nicole: “I’m just going to nickname you right now ‘hot Josh’, hot magic Josh.”

FIND YOUR VOICE – All Abilities Choir

  • Lucy: “That was such a celebration.”
  • Manu: “It was very moving, very inspiring and just so beautiful.”
  • Nicole: “Today you should be so proud because you’ve shown us that the only boundaries holding any of us back are the boundaries that we hold in our mind, so thank you for that.”

SIENNA OSBORNE – Contemporary Dancer

  • Shane: “You could’ve warned us. You’re not just a dancer, you’re a killer, because you killed that. It was so strong, like you just owned that stage.”
  • Nicole: “I’m going to explode! I tried to write down notes and it’s just scribble. That is the best thing I have seen on this stage since coming to Australia. You were a warrior up there. So good!”
  • Manu: “Just unbelievable!”
  • Nicole (post performance): “I had goosebumps the entire time. I was like jumping out of my skin. I was so moved and I was like… this is a Golden Buzzer moment for me, but then I was like I only get one shot and then that’s it.”

PHOENIX – Mind Reader

  • Nicole: “You read my mind, literally. I’m just like speechless right now.”
  • Shane: “You just sit here going… how on earth? What did we just witness? How do you do that? The answer is I don’t know and therefore it’s not only a talent, I think you’re a wizard.”
  • Manu: “Mind blowing! Mate I don’t know how you do it and I don’t really want to know how because it’s a wonderful art.”

LUKE BOON – Jump Rope World Champ

  • Nicole: “You’re like a jump roping ninja, like seriously, you turned your jump rope into nunchucks.”
  • Lucy: “That was so impressive, that was a massive feat.”